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Elected as the current president of the United States, Joe Biden has taken the office over from Donald Trump. And let’s be honest, it concerns us, the political happenings of the US. So we were a little concerned about what the future would entail especially considering all the prejudice Muslims faced during the previous term. Then again, the Trump administration was quite worrying for other groups as well.

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Biden in office

Now that it is time for Biden to be in the office, there were speculations about him circulating over media. People had reservations that he is so accepting because he wants votes, but the moment he is in office, he would change his stance. So all the talk of being friendly to Muslims could very well have been for show.

biden Image Source: The New York Times

But I guess it is that time where people are taking the leap of faith when it comes to political beliefs. So with the other option being Trump, who had been a bit weird during his term, the voters opted for a new choice. And as it turns out, it was the right choice. On the first day in the office and the US president lifted the ban on Muslims.

Discrimination against Muslims

Moreover, during his interaction with two children accompanied by a hijabi woman, the president assured them to be better. Instead of being all world, unlike some other people who wanted to make America ‘great again’, he chose to promise these children of being better himself. And how can one be better? By being a little more accepting of other religions. By not initiating prejudice against a group and much more.

In the conversation, he said:

“Be Proud, Be Really Proud. I mean it. I promise you, as president, Islam is going to be treated like it should be – like every other major confessional faith.”

Let’s hope he doesn’t falter from this line of decision making and continues to make that country safer for tons of Muslims currently residing there.

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