People looking to migrate to the West in hopes of better opportunities and a higher standard of living often fall prey to a number of scams that promise guaranteed immigration and visas.

Beware of the Latest Canadian Visa Lottery Scam

You might have received a number of WhatsApp messages, text messages and emails from your contacts and also unknown numbers to register for a so-called ‘Canadian Visa Lottery 2018’. Sounding like a once in a lifetime opportunity, many people follow the links and interactions given in the correspondence but beware, this may cause quite damaging for you.

Fake Messages and Links

The promotional messages and links included in the emails are fake and could result in jeopardy of your personal data stored on your phone or laptops. Privacy of your pictures and other important items could be compromised.

A number of websites have also been popping up that claim to be the sole way to gaining the Canadian Visa. The websites have been proven fake and have got not connection to the actual Canadian immigration sites or services.

The websites are known to inject spyware or other malicious software that would steal personal information from your devices. Other links are also able to trick people into providing debit/credit card details that could in turn lead to major financial losses.

The following websites are promoting fake Canadian Visa scams


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