Better to keep smartphone box or throw it away
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When we purchase a new smartphone, we purchase it in a box with a handful of accessories. Even if we purchase a second hand smartphone, we prefer it to come with a box. The presence of the box signifies that the phone is of authentic purchase and it is something that can even be re-sold at a decent price later on. However, that is not the only reason that the box of the phone comes in handy.

Today, we are thinking on whether to keep the box our smartphone came in, or simply throw it away. Many people discard of the box the moment it arrives and the phone is unpacked. They find no reason to keep it as it can seem like extra space hogging in your room. Additionally, a lot of people do not intend to sell the phone ahead, thus they seemingly have no need for the box. So, should the box be thrown?

sold or mugged smartphone and box
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Smartphone Boxes Are Necessities

Imagine that you have recently purchased a smartphone and it has been delivered to your doorstep. After you are done opening it and start experimenting with it, we urge you to keep the box of the smartphone safe. Yes, even if you do not intend to sell it later in, we would still recommend keeping the box safe. The current safety situation in the city is not top-notch and we must all try our best to stay safe.

If, due to any reason, our new phone is mugged or stolen, we will need a way to track it or block it. Luckily, the box of the smartphone has the IMEI number(s) written on it, which can be provided to the PTA if the device needs to be blocked.

the box of the phone and other ways to stop muggings
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Keeping The Box Safe

Additionally, this IMEI can be helpful to the authorities to track down the device or put an alert out if a device of this IMEI is sold anywhere. That way, it can then be reported stolen and not accepted by shopkeepers.

That said, as you can see, the box of the phone can be most essential. Not only is it useful if the phone is being re-sold, but it is also helpful in the case that the phone is mugged. Knowing how often that can take place in the city, you might just bless yourself on thinking that you saved the box when you did.

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