Karachi is a sprawling metropolis. With high rise buildings and a never ending sea shore, the people of Karachi have it all. That’s the reason whenever they set out to travel, Karachites always miss home. If you are a travel buff, the first city on your to visit list within Pakistan, should be Lahore.

Lahore without question is one of the most vibrant cities of Pakistan. It houses a number of amazing places that people must see when they visit. Whether you’re there to shop, want try out the world famous cuisine, or just take a step back in history with the stunning historical landmarks, Lahore satiates the needs of just about any kind of tourist.

Food Street


It is located within the old walled city of Lahore right next to the Roshnai Gate. Lined with shops of desi food items, this part of Lahore is not just pleasant to look at but is the one stop destination for all who want to dive knee deep in to the various food items the city has to offer. I can guarantee that you can find any desi food item that you might be craving for.

MM Alam Road


This is one of the most visited places by people who come from abroad. The reason is simple, from restaurants like Village to Burger King, this road is bordered with cafes that offer people a variety of cuisines. The sheer number of restaurants and shops ensure that this road is always lively and bustling with activity.

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Badshahi Mosque



Built by the Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb in 1764 the stunning architecture is a real treat for all the history enthusiasts. From the moment you step onto the premises, you will be left speechless over the breathtaking details and the grandeur of the mosque. The walls and the roof are lined with intricate designs that only add to the aesthetics of the structural design.

Even when there is little or no wind outside the mosque, the architectural design ensures that there is always a light breeze inside the mosque. To aid the call to prayer the structure has been designed in such a manner that it can be heard throughout the mosque without the use of speakers.

Shahi Qillah

Shahi Qillah is also known as the Lahore Fort and was built in the 11th century by Mehmood of Ghazni. Since then, it stands tall and proud, a perfect reflection of the Muslim might that we once possessed. The Sheesh Mahal (the palace of mirrors) is a major attraction of the Shahi Qillah.

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Wagha Border


This is the one place on the border of Pakistan and India where you can enjoy a remarkable show put on by the soldiers of the two nations, a tradition that is being carried on since 1959. During the flag lowering ceremony in the evening, tourists can enjoy military parades performed by soldiers of both the countries. The patriotic setting, songs and the exercises performed by the soldiers will most definitely have a lasting impact on all those who visit.

Liberty Bazaar


To satisfy your love of shopping, you need to go and shop at Liberty Bazaar! It is without a doubt the hub of all that is new and trendy in the fashion world in Pakistan. From branded clothes, bags, shoes and accessories to traditional bridal clothes and jewelry, this place will not disappoint the shopaholic in you in any way!



The massive monument is a sight that you must visit if you are in Lahore. History remembers it as a symbol of promise as it marks the spot where the Lahore Resolution was passed by the All-India Muslim League; a significant step towards Pakistan’s independence. So make sure you take out time to visit this site whenever you visit Lahore.

Bonus tip: There is a double decker bus that picks up and drops tourists at the Qaddafi stadium, takes them through the old Lahore city all the way to Iqbal park, where they can get off and visit the Shahi Qillah, the Badshahi Mosque and Minar-e-Pakistan all for a nominal fee of 200 rupees!