Top Cellular Networks Of Pakistan
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Gone are the days when cellphones were considered a luxury because today, no one can imagine going out of the house or spend a day without their cellphones. The industry always revolved around communication over calls but later expanded to other avenues and started to offer multiple services.

Where Does The Pakistani Industry Stand?

Initially, like every other industry, the telecom industry was expected to focus on calls, but that quickly changed after the increased number of texts, also known as SMS (Short Message Service). When the industry was in its infancy, cellphones were considered a luxury that was only owned by the rich.

Cellular Network Of Pakistan
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The industry’s landscape changed quite quickly, and the usage of cellphones became widespread throughout the population, regardless of their social class. The cellular companies started to focus on the internet and other value-added services (non-voice related services) and did not confine themselves to call. This made the industry highly competitive, and companies started a race to offer the best bundles to fulfill their customer’s needs.

As of 2020, there are 4 cellular companies in Pakistan. Some of their best deals are mentioned below.

1. Ufone

Best Prepaid Offers in Pakistan
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Credited for coining the term “Super Cards” in the Pakistani telecom industry and witty ads, Ufone’s most commonly discussed package and product is definitely its range of Super Cards, which allow their customers to get the taste of every service as per their budget.

  • Ufone Super Cards Family And Their Validity:

The super cards currently range from 50 rupees to 1000 rupees, allowing the customers to spend as per their needs and usage of the services on their cellphone. Let’s discuss each of them and what they have got to offer.

  1. Super Card Gold:
    This is the latest and the highest range of Super Card that has been offered in the market. The offerings, price, and validity are mentioned as follows.

Price: Rs.999

Off Net Minutes 300
U-U & PTCL Minutes Unlimited*
Internet 5 GB + Unlimited** Facebook
SMS Unlimited*
Validity 30 Days

To subscribe, dial *900#

2. Super Card Plus:

The most widely used Super Card gives you convenience for the entire month with a significant volume of all services. 

Price: Rs. 599

Off-Net Minutes 180
Internet 2000MB + Unlimited* Facebook
U-U & PTCL Minutes Unlimited**
SMS 4200
To subscribe, dial *250#

3. Mini Super Card:

This is a budget-friendly version of a super card with a 15 days validity and smaller portions of all value-added-services.

Price: Rs. 330

Off-Net Minutes 75
Internet 600 MBs
U-U & PTCL Minutes 500
SMS 3500
To subscribe, dial *230#

4. Super Recharge Offer:

If you are low on credit and want to stay connected with your friends and family, Super Recharge Offer gives you 2 days of tranquility.

Price: Rs. 50

Off-Net Minutes 10
Internet 100 MBs
U-U & PTCL Minutes 300
SMS 700
To subscribe, dial *300#

5. Super Minutes:

Super Minutes gives you 100 all-network minutes, helping you stay connected with your family & friends over call for 7 days.

Price: Rs. 130

All Networks Minutes 100
To subscribe, dial *210#

6. Super Internet:

The Ufone Super Internet package is for those who prefer the internet over other services. For only Rs. 130, you can get 1 GB of data with a 7 days validity.

  • All-In-One Offers: 

  1. SIM Lagao Offer:

This offer is for Ufone users who have not used their Ufone SIM for the past thirty days. Upon putting the sim in use again, they will get the following incentives. 

U2U & PTCL Minutes 6000*
SMS 6000*
Internet 6000* MBs

2. Nayi SIM Double Offer:

Upon buying a new Ufone SIM or switching your previous network to a Ufone network, dial *141# after turning on your phone and recharge of Super Cards, get twice as many resources.

On recharge of Super Card Gold (Rs. 999)

– 8,000 Minutes for Ufone/PTCL
– 600 Minutes for Other Network
– 10 GB of Internet
– 7 GB Facebook
– 10,000 SMS

On recharge of Super Card Plus (Rs. 599)

– 7,400 Minutes for Ufone/PTCL
– 360 Minutes for Other Networks
– 4,000 MB Internet
– 5 GB of Facebook
– 8,400 SMS

To check remaining Free Balance, Dial *706#

3. Nayi SIM Offer:

This offer is for those who bought a new Ufone SIM or have ported from another network to Ufone.

To avail of the offer, dial *1000# and get free WhatsApp for 3 months*.

On dialing *1000# Free WhatsApp for 3 months (*monthly limit of 5 GB)
On recharge of Rs.50 – 1 GB internet
– 1 GB Facebook
– 500 minutes for Ufone/PTCL
– 500 SMS
To check the remaining free balance/resources, dial *706#

6. Power Hour:

Make as many calls as you want to all Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone numbers for an hour.

Dial *99# to avail of the offer.

Price: Rs. 7.17 incl. of Tax

Validity: 1 Hour
Internet: 60 MB

Ufone & PTCL: 60 minutes
SMS: 60 text messages

7. Asli Chappar Phaar Offer:
An amazing offer will give you calls, SMS, and internet data for an entire week for just Rs. 120.

Dial *5050# to subscribe

Price: Rs. 120 including taxes

Validity: 7 Days
Internet: 1000 MB

Ufone to Ufone: 100 minutes
SMS: 100 text messages

8. Daily Pakistan Offer:
Talk as much as you want the entire day and surf the internet, for the price as low as Rs. 18.

Price: Rs. 18 including taxes

Validity: 1 Day
Internet: 10 MB

Ufone & PTCL: 100 minutes

 Dial *888# to subscribe

9. Weekly Pakistan Offer:

For just Rs. 100, make calls all week and get 100 MB of internet data along with it.

Price: Rs. 100 including taxes

Validity: 7 Day
Internet: 100 MB

Ufone & PTCL: 700 minutes
To subscribe, dial *8888#

10. Monthly Pakistan Offer:

An offer that gives you freedom of voice calls and free internet for as low as Rs. 418.

Price: Rs. 418 including taxes

Validity: 30 Day
Internet: 400 MB

Ufone & PTCL: 4000 minutes
Dial *8888# to subscribe

  • Internet Offers:

Ufone holds pride in offering 3G Internet services to its users in Pakistan. The offers are divided into multiple bundles.

The offers can be subscribed by dialing *3#

  1. Daily Bundles: 


50MB – Internet

500MB worth of Socials (Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp)

Validity: 1AM – 9PM

Price: Rs. 6 

Daily Light:

40MB – Internet

500MB worth of Socials (Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp)

Validity: 1 Day

Price: Rs. 12

Mega Internet:

2 GB internet data

Validity: 1AM – 8AM

Price: Rs. 15

Daily Heavy:

75 MB – Internet

500MB worth of Socials (Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp)

Validity: 1 Day

Price: Rs. 18

2. 3 Day Bucket:

100 MB – Internet

500MB worth of Socials (Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp)

Validity: 3 Days

Price: Rs. 30

3. Weekly Internet:

Super Internet:

1.2 GB – Internet

Validity: 07 Days

Price: Rs. 130

Weekly Internet Plus:

6 GB – Internet (3 GB can be availed from 1 AM – 8 AM)

Validity: 07 Days

Price: Rs. 175

4. Monthly Bundles:

Super Internet Plus:

8 GB – Internet

5 GB worth of Whatsapp

Validity: 30 days

Price: Rs. 499

Monthly Light:

1 GB – Internet

2 GB worth of Socials (Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp)

Validity: 30 days

Price: Rs. 390

Monthly Heavy:

3 GB – Internet

2 GB worth of Socials (Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp)

Validity: 30 days

Price: Rs. 780

Monthly Max:

10 GB – Internet

2 GB worth of Socials (Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp)

Validity: 30 days

Price: Rs. 1560

5. Content Bundles:

Social Daily:

100 MB worth of Socials (Facebook, Twitter,  Whatsapp)

Validity: 1 day

Price: Rs. 6

Daily Chat:

500 MB data for Whatsapp

1000 Text Messages

Validity: 1 day

Price: Rs. 6

Streaming Offer:

500 MB for DailyMotion and Youtube

Validity: 1 Hour

Price: Rs. 10

Social Monthly:

1000 MB worth of Socials (Facebook, Twitter,  Whatsapp)

Validity: 30 days

Price: Rs. 60


2. Warid/Jazz

Best Telecom offers to avail in Pakistan
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After Warid merged into Jazz, the telecom industry and consumers were shocked and skeptical about how the merger would turn out to be for both companies. Needless to say, the merger between two of the most well-established companies turned out to be successful, and there were not many complaints from their consumer-base.

In this highly competitive market where companies are trying their best to get the most consumers, Jazz has offered reasonably good “all-in-one bundles,” which range from 977 rupees to 17 rupees to assist their customers in enjoying the services as per their requirements and budget. They also offer MYOB – Make Your Own Bundle option to help the customer tailor the bundle as per their requirements.

All their offers and packages are discussed below.

  • Internet and Data Offers:

  1. Weekly Packages:

Weekly Youtube & Social Data:
5 GB DATA for IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube & Facebook

Price: Rs.80 (Incl. Tax)

Weekly MEGA 15% OFF!

7 GB Data

Price: Normally Rs.210 but currently Rs.179 (Incl. Tax)


Price: Rs.267 (Incl. Tax)

Weekly Extreme:
25 GB DATA (12AM-9AM)

Price: Rs.60 (Incl. Tax)

2. Monthly Packages:

Monthly Social Package:
5 GB DATA (WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO)

12000 SMS

Price: Rs.89 (Incl. Tax)

Monthly MEGA PLUS:

(6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

Price: Rs.349 (Incl. Tax)

Monthly SUPREME Package:

(10 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)

Price: Rs.499 (Incl. Tax)

3. Daily Packages:

Daily MEGA Package:

1000 MB DATA (24 Hours)

Price: Rs.25 (Incl. Tax)

Daily EXTREME Data:

2 GB DATA (12AM-12PM)

Price: Rs.15 (Incl. Tax)

Infinity BROWSER (Only for browsing)

2 GB Data

Validity: 180 Days

Price: Rs.80 (Incl. Tax)

Daily Youtube & Social Package:

1 GB Data for YouTube, WhatsApp & Facebook

Price: Rs.15 (Incl. Tax)

Super GHANTA Offer:


Price: Rs. 9 (Incl. Tax)

  • SMS and Chat-based offers:

  1. Daily WhatsApp & SMS Package:

10 MB Data for WhatsApp

1800 SMS

Price: Rs.7.2 (Incl. Tax)

2. Weekly WhatsApp & SMS
25 MB of DATA

1500 SMS

Price: Rs.20 (Incl. Tax)

3. Monthly Social Package:
5 GB DATA (WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO)

12000 SMS

Price: Rs.89 (Incl. Tax)

  • All-In-One Offers:

1. Monthly SUPER DUPER Bundle:


3000 Jazz Mins

150 Other Network Mins

3000 SMS

Price: Rs.600 (Incl. Tax)

2. Monthly SUPER DUPER PLUS Package:


5000 Jazz Mins

300 Other Network Mins

5000 SMS

Price: Rs.977 (Incl. Tax)

3. Monthly HYBRID Package:


10,000 Jazz Mins

(Weekdays 333 On-net Mins/Day)

(Unlimited On-net Mins on Sunday)

(50 Other Network Mins)

1000 SMS

Price: Rs.444 (Incl. Tax)

4. Weekly HYBRID Bundle:


1000 Jazz Mins

20 Other Network Mins

1000 SMS

Price: Rs.115 (Incl. Tax)



1500 Jazz Mins

75 Other Network Mins

1500 SMS

Price: Rs.160 (Incl. Tax)

6. Weekly SUPER Plus bundle – 20% OFF!


(6 GB 2AM – 2PM)

5000 Jazz Mins

60 Other Network Mins

5000 SMS

Price: Previously Rs.299, now in only Rs.240 (Incl. Tax)

7. Weekly SUPER DUPER Package:


1500 Jazz Mins

60 Other Network Mins

1500 SMS

Price: Rs.210 (Incl. Tax)

8. Super PLUS Bundle: 


500 Jazz Mins

5 Other Network Mins

500 SMS

Price: Rs.28 (Incl. Tax)

9. Daily SUPER Package:


1440 Jazz Mins

50 SMS

Price: Rs.17 (Incl. Tax)

10. Daily Day Bundle:

20 MB of DATA

300 Jazz Mins

300 SMS

Price: Rs. 14 (Incl. Tax)



100 Jazz Mins

Price: Rs.35 (Incl. Tax)

12. Mahana BACHAT Offer:

2 GB DATA (Whatsapp Only)

200 Jazz Mins

20 Other Network Mins

2000 SMS

Price: Rs.67 (Incl. Tax)

13. Weekly SUPERMAX:


[10 GBs + 10 GBs (2 AM – 2 PM) + 10 GBs YouTube]

6000 Jazz Mins

60 Other Network Mins

6000 SMS

Price: Rs.299 (Incl. Tax)

14. Work From Home Bundle:


Unlimited Jazz Mins

(8 AM – 6 PM)

Price: Rs.95 (Incl. Tax)


With MYOP – Make Your Own Bundle, you have the liberty to choose anything and curate your own bundle as per your needs and budget. 

3. Zong

Best Pakistani networks offers that you could avail
Image Source: Zong’s Website

Zong, which is owned by CMPak Limited, claims to be the number one data and communications network of Pakistan. They also give their customers the leverage to choose the packages as per their needs and requirements while focusing on their 4G internet USP that guarantees high-quality internet.

Zong also realizes the importance and has a range of offers and services targeted for all demographics and user-base to fulfill their basic needs. Their prepaid services are infiltrated with “All-in-one bundles, Shandaar offer, Student bundles, and many others bundles curated to cater to customer’s needs.

  • COMBO PACK Bundle:

Price: Rs. 200+Tax
Mobile Internet Volume: 3,000 MBs /3 GBs
All-network Minutes: 50
Validity: 15 days


Recharge Required: Rs 650
Zong to Zong Minutes: 2,500 minutes
Other Operator Minutes: 150 minutes
SMS: 2,500
Mobile Internet: 2,500 MBs
YouTube: 1 GB
WhatsApp is Free
Validity: 30 Days
Activation Procedure *50#


Price: Rs. 1000

Zong to Zong Minutes: 5,000

Other Operator Minutes: 300

SMS: 5,000

Mobile Internet (MBs): 5,000 MBs

YouTube: 2 GB

WhatsApp is Free

Validity: 30 Days

Activation Procedure: Dial *3030#


Recharge Required: Rs. 250
Zong to Zong Minutes: 5000
Other Operator Minutes: 80 minutes
SMS: 5000 texts
Mobile Internet: 5000 MBs
Off-peak Internet: 5 GB (1AM-9AM)
Validity: 7 Days
Activation Procedure: Dial *70#


Recharge Required: Rs. 200
Zong to Zong Minutes: 1,000 Minutes
Other Operator Minutes: 40 Minutes
SMS: 1,000 Text Messages
Mobile Internet: 1,000 MBs
Validity: 7 Days
Activation Procedure: Dial *6464#
SMS Activation Procedure: Text “Weekly150” and send it to 6464


Price: Rs. 5+Tax
Zong to Zong calls: Unlimited
Mobile Internet Volume: 30 MB
Validity: 2 hours

Shandaar Offers & Bundles:
    Price: Rs. 14+Tax
    Zong to Zong Minutes: Unlimited
    SMS: 800 Texts
    Mobile Internet (MBs): 50 MBs
    Validity: 1 day
    Price: Rs. 120+Tax
    Zong to Zong Minutes: 500
    Other Operator Minutes: 40
    SMS: 500
    Mobile Internet (MBs): 500 MBs
    Validity: 7 days
    Price: Rs 300+Tax
    Zong to Zong Minutes: 1,000
    Other Operator Minutes: 100
    SMS: 1,000
    Mobile Internet (MBs): 1,000 MBs
    Validity: 30 Days

With Zong’s SIM Lagao Offer, you can too enjoy 6000 On-net minutes, 6000 text messages, and 4000MB of the internet for 60 days if you haven’t used your Zong SIM for 30 days.

To avail of this offer, simply recharge and dial *2244# from your reactivated Zong SIM.



Price: Rs. 5+tax

500 SMS/day

1 MB Data

30 MB/day (WhatsApp data)

Dial *700# to Subscribe


Price: Rs. 4+tax

500 SMS/day

1MB /day

Just Dial *704#


Price: Rs. 21+tax

1,500 SMS

200MB  (WhatsApp data)

Validity: 7 days

To subscribe, dial *702#


Price: Rs.50+tax

500 SMS/day for 30 days

30 MB/day for 30 days (WhatsApp data)

Validity: 30 days

To subscribe, just dial *705#

4. Telenor

Best Pakistani Telecom Networks That You Could Avail
Image Source: Telenor’s Website

Telenor is a Norwegian-owned multi-national cellular company that has a significant user-base in Pakistan.

Telenor has also decided to take the same route as its peers and has numerous offers curated to cater to your needs. If you are a call person or an SMS person, or someone who spends a lot of time on social media or streaming, they have got you covered and have a huge range of bundles, packages, and cards that will cater to your requirements.

  • Full-Day Offer

Price: Rs. 13 incl. tax

Internet: 50 MBs 

100 MBs for WhatsApp only
On-net – Unlimited
Validity: 1 Day till 12 Midnight
Dial *5*250#

  • Haftawar Sahulat Offer

Price: Rs. 115 incl. tax

Internet Data: 100 MB+350 MB for Socials (WhatsApp, FB & Twitter)
Onnet – 1000 Minutes
Offset – 70 Minutes
SMS: 700

Dial *5*7# to subscribe

  • Mega Weekly Easy Card

Price: Rs. 222 incl. tax

Internet 10GB (Incl. 5GB 1AM – 11AM)
Onnet 2000 Telenor+PTCL minutes
Offnet 70 minutes
SMS 2000

Dial *001# to subscribe

  • Monthly Easy Card 600

Price: Rs. 530 incl. Tax on a recharge of Rs. 600

Internet 6GB+6GB (1am-11am)
Onnet 3000 Telenor & PTCL minutes
Offnet 150
SMS 3000

Dial *530# to activate.

  • Weekly Easy Card

Price: Rs. 130 incl. tax
Internet: 1500 MBs
On-net minutes: 1000 Telenor & PTCL minutes
Offnet minutes: 50 other network minutes
Dial *963# to subscribe

  1. Daily SMS Bundle
    Rs. 4.78
    Validity: 1 Day
    SMS: 240 texts
  2. 5 Day SMS Bundle
    Rs. 8.5
    Validity: 5 Days
    SMS: 300 texts
  3. Weekly SMS Bundle
    Rs. 15.50
    SMS: 1200 texts
    Validity: 7 Days
  4. 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle
    Rs. 17.00
    Validity: 15 Days
    SMS: 800 texts
  5. Monthly SMS Bundle
    Rs. 47.80 incl. tax
    Validity: 30 Days
    SMS: 6000 texts
  • 3G Internet Bundles and Packages:
  1. Monthly Social Pack
    Rs. 44.45 (Load Rs. 50)
    Facebook & WhatsApp: 3000 MB
    Internet: 100 MB
  2. Monthly Social Pack Plus
    Rs. 75 incl. tax
    Facebook & WhatsApp: 5,000 MB
    SMS: 10,000
  3. 4G Weekly Ultra Plus
    Rs. 240 incl. tax
    Internet: 20GB (incl. 10GB 1AM – 11AM) + Free Starzplay Streaming
    Validity: 7 Days
  4. 4G Weekly Ultra
    Rs. 185 inc tax.
    Internet: 8GB + 1GB Goonj
    Validity: 7 Days
  5. 4G Monthly Starter Bundle
    Rs. 300
    Internet: 8 GB (incl. 4 GB 1AM – 7AM)
    Validity: 30 Days
  6. 4G Monthly Lite
    Rs. 150
    Internet: 2 GB + 1 GB for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBox
    Validity: 30 Days
  7. 4G Monthly Ultra Plus
    Rs. 700 incl. tax
    Internet: 50 GB (incl. 25 GB 1AM-11AM)
    Dial: *303#
  8. 4G Weekly Super
    Rs. 110 incl. tax
    Internet: 4000MB (incl. 2000MB 1AM to 11AM)
    Validity: 7 Days
  9. Mega Weekly Easy Card
    Rs. 222 incl. tax
    Internet: 10GB (Incl. 5GB 1AM – 11AM)
    Onnet: 2000 Telenor+PTCL minutes
  10. Weekly Internet All In One
    Rs. 130
    Internet: 1500 MB
    Onnet: 1000
  11. 4G Weekly Late Night Offer
    Rs. 50 incl. tax
    Internet: 30 GB
    Validity: 7 Days (12AM – 9AM)
  12. Weekly 6 to 6 Offer
    Rs. 55 incl. tax
    Internet: 4000 MB
    Validity: 7 Days (6AM – 6PM)
  13. Raat Din Offer
    Rs. 18
    Internet: 1.5 GB
    Validity: 12 Hours (12AM – 12PM)
  14. 4G 3 Day Bundle
    Rs. 44
    Internet: 1000MB (incl. 500MB 12AM – 8AM)
    Validity: 3 Days
  • Calls and Voice Packages:
  1. Free First Call Offer
    Rs. 5 incl. tax
    Dial: *888#
  2. Sahulat Mini Offer
    Rs. 75 incl. tax
    Internet: 100 MB + 200 MB for WhatsApp, FB & Twitter
    Onnet: 200 mins
  3. Weekly Easy Card Plus
    Rs. 175 incl. tax
    Internet: 3 GB
    Onnet: 1500
  4. Haftawar Sahulat Offer
    Rs. 115 incl. tax
    Internet: 100 MB+350 MB for WhatsApp, FB & Twitter
    Onnet: 1000 Minutes
  5. Monthly Easy Card 450
    Rs. 450 incl. tax
    Internet: 1 GB + 2 GB WhatsApp
    Onnet: 500 Telenor & PTCL
  6. Full-Day Offer
    Rs. 13 incl. tax
    Internet: 50 MBs + 100 MBs WhatsApp
    Onnet: Unlimited
  7. Telenor Good Time Offer
    Rs. 6 incl. tax
    Internet: 250 MB Facebook
    Onnet: Unlimited for 2 hours
  8. Telenor 3/3 Offer
    Rs. 50.00 incl. tax
    Internet: 50 MB
    Onnet: 600 minutes
  9. Telenor Superload Offer
    Rs. 0.80 incl. tax
    Dial: *5*100#
    Free Any Network Minutes: 20

This marks the end of all the amazing offers you could avail of from Pakistani telecom networks. These numerous choices give you many options to choose from as per your area’s coverage, most-used service, and budget. Don’t wait; pick your phone, and subscribe to the offer you think is best suited for you! 

Disclaimer: All prices and details mentioned in the article were taken from the service provider’s website at publishing. The prices and volume of services are likely to change.

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