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This articles was submitted by Amna Hamid

Ads are cute, ads are rare, their crazy presence is everywhere! There’s no denying that creative advertisements are effective – they leave you with positive and/or negative thoughts, depending on the content shown. They also convert fans into customers, the ultimate goal of all brands!

Let’s savour the reminiscences of the most thought-provoking ads of 2021:

  1. Peek Freans’ Sooper

EBM’s trailblazer biscuit “Sooper” rolled out a superb TVC last April that won millions of hearts instantly. “Dua-e-Shukr” features the gorgeous actors Sarah Khan and Zahid Ahmed with the evergreen diva Asrar mesmerising the viewers with his engrossing voice in the background. Their admirable message of thanking Almighty Allah for all His Blessings always hit every heart raptly.

2. SnackVideo’s Smile for a cause: Make their Eid shine!

This affectionate gesture to spread smiles during Ramadan and Eid 21 won SnackVideo an unforgettable TVC! Starring the great Mr Faisal Edhi, this ad succeeded in raising a remarkable sum of over Rs. 5,000,000 for the underprivileged. SnackVideo generously donated Rs. 10 for every ‘smiling’ video shared on their platform with the hashtag #EidwithEdhi. See, even ordinary acts of kindness can be impactful.

3. KalaKola

“Jao jahan main ho jao wahan sab kay dil ki dharkan. Sunaye kahani, banaye deewana sab ko mera har rang!”

Aima Baig’s delightful voice and ravishing beauty set this TVC ablaze! KalaKola’s new hair colour range promises to revitalise your personality immediately with 10 exclusive colours. Gone are the days when people feared hair dyes turning their hair white permanently. KalaKola favourably evolved its brand’s image by choosing the style sensation Aima Baig as their new Brand Ambassador.

4. Fast Cables – Jooray Diloon kay Taar!

Promoting the light of education even after dark, Fast Cables enlightened our minds and souls with their fascinating new TVC. Rural families with antiquated customs and households with meagre incomes usually avoid sending their children to school. This cultivating ad not only symbolises compassion but also focuses on connecting hearts through love and care.

5. Sana Safinaz’ Luxury Lawn

Featuring the melodious Shuja Haider’s song “Teri Qasam” in the backdrop, Sana Safinaz’ Luxury Lawn 2021 commercial needs no introduction. This romantic video highlights the concepts of love, taking risks and accomplishments through tireless efforts. Not all lovers are star-struck, after all!

6. Rose Petals’ Hamesha Aik Qadam Aagay

Starring our favourite “mother” character of Pakistani serials Seemi Raheel, Rose Petal is always innovative with their advertisements. Their powerful message of staying ahead of the curve in care and devotion towards all your loved ones remained significant throughout 2021.

Here’s wishing all the very best to every new and existing Pakistani brand for making 2022 as colourful and inspiring as the former year for their advertisement campaigns. Cheers!