best google play apps and games 2023
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No matter where we are in the world, we can always pull out our phone and use a Google app or play a game. The Google Playstore is updated everyday with newer applications, games or general updates.

Just like that, every month has its own set of popular apps or games. Today, we bring you a list of the best applications and games of 2023. The year has been quite a happening one and it has been no less engaging for the world of apps and games. Let us take a look at how you can use these apps and gamed to your liking!

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Best Google Apps

There are quite a lot of apps on this list, but we will tell you about some of the most popular ones. Not only did they bring the user hours of enjoyment, but they also helped them learn new things!

  • Spotify: The best application out there for sharing and listening to music, Spotify took the cake as a multi-device app. You can use it from your phone or your laptop, together!
  • Imprint – Learn Visually: This app teaches the user various small lessons on life concepts using visual story-telling. Not only is it productive, but also a good use of your time!
  • ChatGPT: Of course, we cannot mention the best apps and leave out this one. ChatGPT has become the single source of knowledge and information for many, as well as a center for crafting an infinite types of content.
  • VoidPet Garden – Mental Health: This is a soothing Google application that tells the user to focus on their mental health every single day. It helps people channel their emotions in a healthy manner and socialize with people without hurdles.
  • ReciMe – Easy and Tasty Recipes: Whether you are a novice cook or an avid one, this Google application is for you! It holds a plethora of recipes that can be made in a short time and you end up with a tasty product!
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Best Games of 2023

Of course, we cannot end the list without talking about the best games of 2023, from the Google Playstore. Not only do these games have a capacity to run on most smartphones, but their fun gameplay is sure to keep you hooked for hours!

  • Arena Breakout: A game that focuses on strategy and real-time decisions at the same time, this is sure to keep you hooked for hours. Your play style can differ based on how you want to proceed.
  • Marvel SNAP: This is one of the more docile Marvel games on the Playstore, but it keeps the user hooked for hours. If you are a fan of card collecting games, then this one is for you!
  • Monopoly GO: It almost sounds similar to the Ludo Star craze that took the smartphone audience by storm, except its another fan favorite. Purchase properties, pay tax and have fun with your friends with monopoly!
  • Stumble Guys: The android equivalent of fall guys, this games is as addictive as it is simple to play. Yet, people have spent hundreds of hours on it!
  • EA Sports Mobile Soccer: This one is a treat for those football fans out there, as it brings the perfect soccer experience in the palm of your hand!

That said, we encourage you to check out all of these apps and games the next time you visit the Google store!

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