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Finding fuel friendly cars is more important than ever as petrol prices in Pakistan creep closer to the unthinkable Rs 300 mark. The recent increase in petrol prices of Rs 4.53 per litre affects more than just the typical Pakistani’s wallet. This blog article examines the most affordable used automobiles that provide a break from the steadily rising expense of petrol.

The Fuel Price Dilemma: A Closer Look

The worldwide oil market’s volatility and the government’s attempts to comply with IMF requirements are to blame for this increase. The effects are extensive, impacting not only personal spending plans but also the price of products and services. With the news hitting the public right in their wallets and hearts, it is reported that prices may rise up-to 8rs per litre!

Top Budget-Friendly And Fuel-Efficient Used Cars

in response to these challenges, we’ve compiled a list of used cars that are both budget-friendly and fuel-efficient:

1. Suzuki Mehran

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  • Overview: The Suzuki Mehran is a staple in the Pakistani automotive landscape, known for its simplicity and reliability. It’s available in several models, including VX, VX CNG, VXR, and VXR CNG. On highways, it can achieve up to 20 km/l, making it an excellent choice for long commutes and city driving alike.
  • Cost: Prices range from Rs. 6.3 lacs to Rs. 7.5 lacs, depending on the model and condition.
  • Why Choose Mehran: Its spare parts are readily available, and its maintenance is cost-effective, ensuring that it remains a go-to option for budget-conscious buyers.

2. Toyota Vitz

1st Gen Toyota Vitz
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  • Overview: The Toyota Vitz is a compact car that offers a good balance between cost and mileage. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a more modern design and enhanced features. It’s known for its decent fuel economy, which is essential in the current economic climate.
  • Cost: The price varies based on the year and condition but generally falls within an affordable range for a used compact car. You can find the vehicle ranging around the budget of Rs. 14 lacs.
  • Why Choose The Vitz: The Toyota Vitz is favored for its stylish design, compact yet spacious interior, and commendable fuel economy.

3. Daihatsu Mira ES

Daihatsu Mira
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  • Overview: The Daihatsu Mira ES is renowned for its exceptional fuel efficiency, boasting 20-30 km/l, which is a significant advantage given the current fuel prices.
  • Cost: While the price depends on the model year and condition, it remains an affordable option for those prioritizing fuel economy. Even though people don’t tend to sell their reliable Mira nowadays, you can find the 2014 model of the vehicle at around Rs. 16 lacs.
  • Why Choose Mira ES: Its 660cc engine is not only fuel-efficient but also provides a smooth driving experience, making it a smart choice for daily use.

4. Honda City

Honda City
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  • Overview: The Honda City is a well-regarded family vehicle that combines style with economy. It’s a car that stands out for its sleek design and comfortable interior. The Honda City is economical, offering a commendable fuel economy that can help mitigate the impact of rising fuel costs.
  • Cost: The price of a used Honda City is reasonable, considering its features and the brand’s reputation for reliability. You can easily find the pre-2000 era model for under 7 lacs while the newer models with the new shape go for around Rs. 11 lacs.
  • Why Choose Honda City: The Honda City offers a blend of being fuel friendly, spacious interiors, and advanced technology, making it a preferred choice for comfort and convenience. There’s a reason why Pakistani’s believe in the Mey To Honda Hi Lesaan quite religiously.


The rise in petrol prices necessitates a shift towards more fuel-efficient vehicles. The used cars mentioned above represent some of the best options available in Pakistan for those looking to drive economically without compromising on quality or performance.

Stay tuned for more automotive guides like these; this is your soon-to-be favorite friendly neighborhood gearhead Zayaan, Signing Off!