bermuda triangle
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Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle has had many mysteries attached to it. In fact, in 2001, a marine engineer and her husband discovered complex urban traces underwater. These complexes could not have been possible given the estimated time of their construction was 50,000 years ago, and at that point, no civilization had the expertise to execute the task.

So, was it the rumored magical city of Atlantis? Did the mysteries attached to Bermuda originate from Atlantis? These myths may not resolve anytime soon. However, there are some mysterious facts about the Bermuda Triangle that we cannot ignore.

1. Underwater constructions?

So we just mentioned the possibility of Atlantis and the engineer discovered it. But what exactly did she find out? A series of symmetrical and geometric stone structures that had a high resemblance to pyramid-like establishments. With further investigation, it was found that there were large blocks that seemed like they were deliberately placed on top of each other. Stones looked like hewn Granite. The structures have to be more than 50,000-year old since that is the amount of time it would have taken for such massive systems to drown to the current depth.

bermuda triangle
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2. Many Disappearances?

Au contraire to what most would believe, there are not many disappearing incidents linked to Bermuda. The frequency is shallow. I mean, in the past 100 years, there were 1000 disappearances. And given that people disappeared in clusters, for instance, 309 people one time, we can easily say that there cannot have been many disappearing incidents over the past 100 years. The nearest estimate is 50 ships and 20 airplanes.

Bermuda doesn’t seem as scary now.

3. The Ghost Ship

Back in 1881, Ellen Austin, a ship was sailing to New York. It came across a ghost ship. The boat was stocked entirely, but it had no passengers. Ellen Austin crew decided to take the stock. But the ship was engulfed in fog, and a day later, the captain found not a trace of his crew members on the boat, which was still fully stocked.

bermuda triangle
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4. Road Structures

In 1968, researchers found the Bimini road in Bermuda. If one is to describe their features, it would sound somewhat like linear features composed of stones of various shapes. Some of them flat-lying, tabular and rectangular, while others subrectangular, polygonal, and irregular. And each of these ‘curated’ stone would be 3 to 4 meters horizontally.

These are some interesting facts that fuel the mythology about Bermuda even further. But the triangle itself does not need assistance to kickstart rumors about it. I mean ships returning empty? Roads and building deep underwater? Bermuda is all set in itself.

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