woman cooks food
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Disclaimer: if you are weak-hearted, STOP READING!

Cooking food is an art. Everyone knows that having seen programs such as Master Chef. The people who cook that food give food almost sacred regard. Since social media has emerged, unique things go viral, and food also gets subjected to it. For instance, there was this girl who cooked food, among other things, with her feet. She did not have hands, so it was inspiring. But when you have a perfectly good body, and you cook food with your mouth, adding spit, that’s just gross!

The video where woman cooks food with her mouth

The video went viral and has garnered more than 300,000 views. And it shows the art of a phenomenon called ’mouth cooking.’ The video in question has a woman making a turkey. She does not use any utensils or any piece of cutlery. Instead, she uses what she calls ’safety and comfort of her mouth.’

The video begins with the woman taking a sip of red wine, after which she goes right to business. To prepare turkey stuffing, she needs onions, celery, carrot chopped. So takes a bite of each thing, chews it properly, and spits it out in a bowl. Trust me; it’s grosser when you watch it. With the mirepoix, traditional French vegetable base, ready, she goes to garlic, egg, more parsley, and bread. This, too, she takes care of with her mouth.

woman cook food
Image Source: Youtube

How gross it gets!

I will not tell you how the raw eggs were added because if you are eating, you will surely vomit. But it’s safe to say that she properly uses her mouth for the egg as well. She then moves on to black peppercorns and onions. She mashes all the mixture, adding her saliva, and then deposits everything from her mouth to the turkey directly. She possibly signifies the end of mouth cooking by kissing the baked turkey. And after that, she lays it out on plates with her hands.

If you are brave enough, you can watch this video for yourself directly. However, make sure that you are nearby your washroom because you just might need to discard your last food.

Did you like it? In fact, would you follow these directions to cook it at home? Was I to try it, let alone my family, even I wouldn’t eat it. So hats off to the people who had to eat her cooking.

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