behroz sabzwari sadaf kanwal
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Behroz Sabzwari’s interview clip is going viral on the internet in which he speaks about Sadaf Kanwal and Syra Yousuf. The father-in-law of both the women had interesting thoughts to share on the situation.

2020 – A Rollercoaster Year

Behroz Sabzwari begins his answer by first acknowledging how difficult 2020 has been. Covid-19 had just been leashed on everyone and aside from that, personal problems were ripe. He agrees that 2020 brought a lot of ups and downs for the Sabzwari family. 

behroz sabzwari sadaf kanwal
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In 2020, Shahroz Sabzwari announced his divorce from Syra Yousuf and shocked Pakistanis. The two were one of the most adorable couples together. However, what was more shocking was Shahroz Sabzwari to move on within months and marry none other than Sadaf Kanwal.

Daughters – In Abundance?

He proceeds to mention Syra Yousuf who he says is like a daughter to them. Yousuf was their ‘first bahu’ and hence, is of course like a daughter to them. She also holds that stature because she is their granddaughter, Nooreh’s mother.

behroz sabzwari sadaf kanwal
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However, in contrast, life also gave them a second daughter in the face of Sadaf, says Behroz Sabzwari. He acknowledges Sadaf Kanwal as the house’s second bahu who has also become like a daughter to them. In other words, they as a family do not discriminate between them.

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Difficulties Adjusting

Behroz Sabzwari was also asked by the interviewer whether they had any difficulty adjusting to this change. Losing a daughter-in-law, especially one who is the mother of your grandchild, is not easy. Shehroz and Syra had been together for decades and in that time, the family does gel together.

behroz sabzwari sadaf kanwal
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To that, Behroz Sabzwari answers in the affirmative. He said it was indeed difficult especially for his wife, Safina. He believes women have a different level of understanding and way of thinking hence, she was more affected.

God’s Plan?

However, the way Behroz Sabzwari thinks of everything is interesting. Though he was also affected, it was lesser than his wife and his thoughts explain that. Sabzwari puts all of this on the concept of predestination and decree. He believes this is all God’s plan, everything has been written like a story since before.

We regret a lot and ponder over our mistakes, but only time shows us that those were blessings in disguise. Behroz Sabzwari believes everything that happens happens for a good reason. “Sab kuch ache ke liye hota hai”, said Behroz Sabzwari.

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