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Suzuki initially introduced the Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology in Pakistan with the launch of its VXL Cultus in 2017.

At the time, this was something very new in the country, and not everyone was familiar with the concept. Moreover, many individuals were left confused and not being able to understand how the AGS system works.

Before we move on to the expert tips, here is what you need to know and understand about Suzuki’s AGS technology:

What Is AGS?

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Although the name of the system is Auto Gear Shift, it is still a manual transmission car. The manual transmission is connected to an electric motor that works as a clutch when it shifts between the gears.

Why Introduce AGS In Pakistan?

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One of the main reasons to introduce AGS in its cars was to give drivers better mileage. Compared to a standard or conventional automatic transmission, AGS technology consumes less fuel. Moreover, an actuator motor helps shift gears, whereas the standard automatic transmission has a torque converter that wastes energy in-between gearshifts.

What Features Does AGS Offer?

Drivers get several unique features with this breakthrough technology. Suzuki owners get to make the most of several things, from easy handling to low maintenance costs, and more. We have mentioned how it is fuel-efficient and provides easy maintenance for drivers; it also provides a comfortable drive and saves you a considerable amount of money.

Expert Tips For New AGS Drivers

Are you interested in the Suzuki AGS tech? Before you purchase the car, you must learn the right technique to use the AGS system. In its latest campaign, Suzuki has responsible for teaching drivers the correct way to drive an AGS car.

The expert manufacturers have shown in a detailed and creative video using simple diagrams to show drivers how to use the new system properly. The brand has also shared expert tips for drivers.

Tip #1- Starting The Engine With Ease

To start the engine, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Place the gear lever to N position
  • Press the brake pedal and start the engine
  • Press the brake pedal to change the gear D, N, R

Tip #2- Focus On The Accelerator

The best way for you to adapt to the ABS is by focusing on the accelerator. Ensure you hit the pedal with light force when the car is still and not press it to the floor with all your might. As soon as the gear shifts, remove your foot from the pedal, slowly.

Tip #3- Roaring

As soon as you hear your engine roar, release your foot from the accelerator as it is the ideal time for gear shifting.

Congratulations! You are now an expert in Suzuki AGS technology!

Bring Home A New Suzuki At An Unbelievable Price!

You can now purchase your favorite vehicle from the nearest Suzuki dealership equipped with the technology. You can choose between the Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki WagonR, and Suzuki Alto.

Alto AGS WagonR VXL WagonR AGS
1-year free maintenance** Rs. 24,609 PKR 16,702 PKR 16,702
Savings on Registration*** PKR 17,500 PKR 18,500 PKR 21,000
Savings on Markup**** PKR 67,260 PKR 71,280 PKR 79,500
Savings on Insurance PKR 68,708 PKR 72,882 PKR 81,264
Total Savings* PKR 178,077 PKR 179,364 PKR 198,466

Get ready to save thousands of rupees with Suzuki AGS.