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Former Pakistani actress Nida Yasir has reached out to fans, followers, and social media to apologize.

The hostess recently became the center of backlash as #BanNidaYasirShow started to trend after she was called out for asking insensitive questions about the rape and murder of 5-yo Marwah.

Yasir posted a video on her official social media platforms with the caption, ‘please forgive me.’ In the video, she starts by saying she is sorry for asking Marwah’s parents questions that she shouldn’t have.

She says that the intention was not to gain any TRP or ratings but to help speed the process to catch the culprit. She shared that the father was unable even to register an FIR, but with the help and support of the media, the process becomes faster.

Yasir also added that after the show went on air, it took two days for the culprit to be arrested. Moreover, she pointed out that the team wasn’t the ones who sought after the parents; they were the ones who had approached her crew for help. He even received monetary support.

Yasir even mentions here that she is a mother and would never wish to hurt another. She also said that she is a human being. As a human, she, at times, intentionally and unintentionally makes mistakes, and that she promises to be even more careful shortly.

Marwah was kidnapped when she stepped out to buy candy from a local shop. She went missing for two days before police recovered her body, reportedly stuffed in a bag and disposed of.

Social media was in fumes after the episode aired and clips of Nida Yasir questioning the weeping parents of the unfortunate girl went viral.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time when the hostess was called out for her insensitive question and behavior on TV. Yet, even though the public has criticized this morning show culture, it seems that it has changed as it continues.

Earlier, Nida and her husband were accused of faking their Coronavirus results to take advantage of the situation.

My Instagram, my messenger are filled with so many affectionate messages and prayers from everyone. So many from the entertainment industry called in to ask about our health,” she revealed.

But many hurt me as well. Few said that we had been paid by the government or that it was all a facade. There were few who said, ‘They used to come to work every day! Acha Hua’.” She added.

In 2019, Yasir was bashed for excessively bragging about shopping. She pointed out her items one by one and talked about the money spent on those items.

Do you think Nida Yasir’s apology is good enough to forgive her? Or is it high time morning shows stop using such incidents to gain followers and ratings?

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