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Frontline health workers played an integral part in the global response to COVID-19. All around the world, health workers are taking on significant risks to serve the communities and ensuring that people are receiving the care they need. However, it is not just the health workers who are risking their lives. Frontline workers, enabling a country’s economy to sustain during these difficult times should also be recognized and appreciated.

The bankers of our country, just like bankers all around the world, are playing a significant part in serving the communities. Despite the hardships and health risks, millions of bankers continue to do their jobs. These hardworking heroes are making sure that the fear of the pandemic does not stop them from serving the customers. We feel proud in recognizing the efforts of our bankers, especially the frontline staff.

However, it is saddening to see how there have been several attempts to demoralize the services and efforts of bankers during the pandemic. The least we can do for these individuals is to not turn a blind eye to their service and recognize their efforts. They step out of their houses every day, exposing themselves to the risk and making the utmost sacrifice for this nation and its people.

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While we are taking all the essential measures to keep ourselves, and others around us, safe and protected, we must also make sure that we stand together to mitigate all the fake news propaganda that is circulating against hard-working professionals. We must not become the source of stress, instead, we should support, encourage and appreciate them for all that they are doing to serve the community

Let’s adhere to SOPs shared by the government and make these challenging times as easy as we can for each other.