Bacha party is receiving flak from netizens over their recent campaign. The nation’s beloved kid’s brand which was recently praised for its effort to tail inclusivity is now being met with hypocrisy, thanks to the poor marketing.

The campaign featured a collection of kids, encompassing a young boy using a wheelchair and another boy with albinism. Additionally, they incorporated children of various skin tones, breaking away from the conventional portrayal of only fair and rosy complexions. It appropriately underscores that children with disabilities not only are present but also rightfully belong alongside their peers. Meanwhile, fulfilling the notion of let the kids be kids and refrain from excessively making over their entire looks for the sake of campaigns.

Here’s the social media post:

While the campaign received praise massively on social media, the users caught a pitfall resulting in backlash and criticism.

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Inclusivity Is Only For Social Media?

Social media users caught the eye of the billboard displaying the Eid campaign and highlighted a very important point. On the billboard none of the kids with disability or deformity were featured and the whole idea of Bacha party doing something out of the box eventually met with disappointment. While social media users highlighted the intentions behind the campaign, as well as called out the brand for limiting the good work for the likes of social media.

Take a look at some of the reactions from social media below.

Image source: instagram

What are your thoughts on the whole bacha party fiasco? Whether you believe it was intentional or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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