Babar Azam recently opened up about the ongoing criticism regarding his strike rate in T20Is. Known for his consistent performance across all formats, Babar has been a pillar of strength for Pakistan. However, his strike rate in T20 cricket has often been a point of debate.

His ability to score runs consistently places him among the greats of the game. Despite this, his strike rate in T20Is, which stands at 130, has been a frequent topic of discussion. Critics argue that he takes too long to get going, especially in the shortest format of the game.

In a candid conversation on the PCB podcast, Babar Azam addressed this criticism. He acknowledged that while his strike rate can be improved, it’s not something that can change overnight.

He emphasized the importance of playing according to the situation rather than adhering to a fixed strike rate.


“There’s usually a lot of debate over my strike rate, but one has to see what the situation demands. You can’t keep on playing with the same strike rate too as you might struggle.”

Babar also highlighted that cricket is a dynamic game where the approach can vary based on conditions, form, and match situations. He explained that while some matches might require a high strike rate from the start, others might need a more cautious approach.

“If you’ve played with a strike-rate of 150, you might not be able to replicate that in the next match. You might start slowly but then take off suddenly and accelerate,” stated the star batter.

“The general opinion is that whatever the wicket is like, the strike rate must be high. I play a bit differently, I take a little time to get the game going.”


Addressing comparisons with teammates like Saim Ayub and Fakhar Zaman, who are known for their aggressive style, Babar admitted that his game is different. He doesn’t start hitting sixes from the first ball but focuses on building his innings and gradually increasing his strike rate.

“I can’t start hitting sixes from the get-go, I can’t be a Saim Ayub or a Fakhar Zaman for that matter. As far as my performance is concerned, I am aware of how I can improve and enhance my game about what shots to develop,” he added.

Babar remained optimistic about improving his strike rate further. He mentioned that he has already made progress, raising it from 130 to 135-140, and is confident of increasing it even more by continuously working on his game.

“I stick to my cricketing shots and apply the basics, the batting strengths rely on. I can’t say that I’ll start hitting sixes from tomorrow. But I know how I can bring improvement to my game,” he concluded.

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