When all good things come to an end, the world bemoans!

Last night, the final episode of Urdu1’s stellar drama ‘Baaghi’ aired in all its glory. From Saba Qamar’s passionate performance as Fauzia, Osman Khalid Butt’s generous and loving character, Khalid Malik’s different yet strong role; this drama has locked itself in a safe place in every viewer’s heart.

Where on one hand, the star-studded cast kept us hooked to the tale, on the other hand, the biography of Qandeel Baloch unveiled the unseen side of her; how she transformed herself for fame, and money to become a strong-headed woman of substance.

Before Baaghi, people who used to think negative about Qandeel, today, stands in favor of the girl who in her personal life stood for women empowerment. Unfortunately, she was killed in the name of honor by her very own blood.

As Baaghi came to an end, OKB couldn’t hold back his tears.

Nimra Khan too posted a heartfelt note about her journey in Baaghi!


These amazing lines by Sabar Qamar at the end of the amazing drama will always be remembered by the viewers.

It puts us all into the thought that whatever happened with Qandeel, was it all correct?

The Audience Also Could Not Hold Back Their Tears!

Many Stars Applauded Baaghi And Saba Qamar!

Even People From India Applauded The Show!

This Post By a Fan Exactly Summarizes What Baaghi Taught Us!

The end of Baaghi leaves us with many questions. Doesn’t a person, who wants to improvise herself/himself, deserve a second chance?

Is “honor-protection” only applicable for girls? Did killing a “bad woman” end the problem itself? Did Qandeel really deserve it?

All these questions do have an answer. Do ponder upon these for once.

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