Episode 4 has taken a new turn in the life of Fauzia aka Qandeel Baloch. In the previous episode, we saw Fauzia’s marriage getting fixed with Sajid without her consent.

This episode reveals how Fauzia cleverly not only saved herself from marrying Sajid but also made sure that her parents agree to Abid’s proposal.

Fauzia tells her best friend that she has a plan up her sleeves. And that she is staunch about her decision of not marrying her sister in law’s brother.

She gets blamed for giving rebellious ideas to her sister.

However, everything goes according to her plan which not only boils her brother’s mind even more but also brings the issue in front of the Chaudhary of the village.

Knowing her ultimate fate, we tried not to hope for a better future for her however, Saba Qamar’s acting makes us feel inclined to do so.

The preview of the next episode shows that Fauzia finally got what she wanted, however at a huge cost.

The fate of Qandeel Baloch is similar to the other oppressed women of Pakistan. We hope that this male chauvinism and narrow-minded thinking changes in future.

We can’t wait to watch what happens next on Baaghi. The story so far has been interesting with a riveting performance from the one and only Saba Qamar.

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