The stellar drama, Baaghi, continues to create enthusiasm and excitement amongst the audience as Kanwal Baloch, played by the striking Saba Qamar, she strives to rebel against the social media chaos created by Salman Ali who took advantage of Kanwal’s clip just to increase his show’s rating.

The episode opens up to Kanwal calling her family for the first time after she fled from her village. Upon inquiring, she gets to know from her sister that her family is facing a tough time ever since she has left, to which Kanwal promises that she will send money to support her family.

Despite Rehan telling Kanwal to not send money to her family as she hardly manages her own expenses, the head-strong girl decides to money-order Rs. 15,000 to them.

On the contrary, Abid is having a fancy time with another girl. Upon giving less monthly expense to his mother, Ruby exposes her husband’s affair with other women on whom he spends enormous amounts and woos them by giving free goods.

Coming back to Ms. Baloch, she continues posting her videos and “Girl power” statuses on her social media page. A number of people support her while, simultaneously, a large number of people backlashed her, but this did not stop the insurge.

Saba stole the show with her dialogue,

“agar zindagi main khush rehna hai to khud-gharz aur munaafik ho jao”

The story takes a new exhilarating turn when Kanwal reaches the post-office and is filling a form, and accidentally leaves the envelope containing money in a register on the inquiry counter.  The “angel-dressed-as-a-man”, Shehryaar, played by the da[[er Osman Khalid Butt, comes to the rescue where he pitches in his own money for Kanwal.

While the unfortunate star was working hard to find a grade A opportunity to start her modeling career, her lucky strikes when a businessman watches her bizarre singing audition and calls Gohar to appoint Kanwal as a model for an international brand based in Dubai.

Towards the end of the episode, we witness Shehryaar’s mom speaking words of sympathy for Kanwal over her audition’s video. Upon watching the video, he starts pondering upon the whole situation and starts wondering if Kanwal is actually innocent or all of it was a publicity stunt.

In the end, Kanwal again posts a video on social media and gives “An open challenge” to the judges of the reality show that she will prove them wrong and will show everyone that she can sing really well.

The ups and down and switching between various emotions were quite evident during the episode. No doubt, Saba has been a crowd-puller throughout the drama and has awed the viewers with her super-real acting and jaw-dropping dialogues.

To see what else happened during the episode, watch Baaghi here:

Baaghi Urdu1 Review: Kanwal Takes Over Social Media by Storm!

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