Yasir Hussain
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When two controversial figures get together, what do we call it? Azeem Khan Vs Yasir Hussain, the start of yet another controversy.

Whenever you hear Yasir Hussain’s name come up, you just know that there will be an industry controversy that could involve Hania Amir or Nausheen Shah, or even Esra Bilgic. But while we take Yasir’s controversies as fun, when people from outside the industry try to stay relevant, we don’t like it.

Azeem Khan starts the controversy

So, Azeem Khan who probably is dating Saba Qamar, or not, decided to attack Yasir Hussain.

The captions read:

“Daari mouch rakhne se waqqi koi mard nahi banta, per yakeen manein, har guzartiwi cheez mai ungli karna bhi mardana adat nahi hai.
– Kabhi bahar Wale Ertugul mai maslay, Kabhi Bahar walon kai Pakistan mai ake kaam se maslay🙆
– Mardon ki sab se achi fitrat me ek fitrat yeah hai kai woh phopo wali harkatain nahi karte.
On a lighter note, I respect the people who supported without discrimination. However, a handful probably should enroll themselves in ethical classes to learn a thing or two on how to behave in society or we might have to send them back to school to learn basic “ETHICS”.
PEACE, mulk ka aasasa hain app, social media per shugal mela laga kar rakhein”

He ends with, “naam mat lena kisi ka, i’m talking “generally.” And while with this statement he tried to act all innocent, the way he has phrased his argument is very indicative of who he is talking about.

Post by Yasir Hussain 

And considering Yasir Hussain’s post talks about ‘real men’, it is definitely a response to Yasir. Have a look at what he says:

“Apni maon behno betiyon aur BV ko rokny waly insecure hoty hain , mard nahi.”

But doesn’t this look like a cheap attempt at staying in the news? And doesn’t this look like a very meninist post; something we have been talking about sometime? So Saba, if you are still secretly dating him, you should definitely take a look at Azeem’s recent post.

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