Ayeza Khan
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Ayeza Khan has been one of the most loved actresses in the Pakistani industry. With hits left, right and center, she has proved that you need the talent to succeed. If you are talented, you will still get back to back lead roles even if you are married and have two children. This point is worth mentioning considering our industry conveniently forgets an actress if she gets on with her personal life.

Ayeza Khan with her morals

Aside from her fantastic performance, Ayeza has a huge fan following for much more than just her talent. She has set up a standard for herself, a set of morals and values, and refuses to compromise on that. It was visible when a conversation on the choice of her dresses made rounds all over social media.


In a show, Ayeza claimed that her designer had to foolproof convince her that the intended dress for the day was not at all revealing. Following that, many interviewers asked her about it and her general wardrobe choices. There she made it clear that this is one of her markers upon which she never compromises. And at the end of the day, it is not really about wearing revealing clothes or not; it is about choosing a set of standards for herself. Regardless, her fans loved her for it.

Beauty Cream?

But when a person with such set morals commits an act that seems insincere, it shakes up the followers. And we saw Ayeza doing precisely that. She starred in a Faiza Beauty Cream ad. Now it’s not a hidden fact that the beauty cream endorses light skins. And to promote it, Ayeza gave a speech that gave the entire credit of her fame to Faiza Beauty Cream.

Her exact words (translated) were: This consistent fame over time is because of my confidence, and I have had it because of Faiza Beauty Cream.


Hurt Fan Following

Agitated fans couldn’t suppress their feelings and showered their hurt and anger all over social media. The overall gist of that hate was their disbelief over the claim that Ayeza could have used this specific beauty cream even if she did and for this long a time.

Ayeza Khan
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We would like to give a side note to Ayeza here. Ayeza, the audience is not stupid. They want someone for their talent. And if you are at that height, it is because the audience recognized your talent. You are a talented woman, and it is not because of any beauty cream.

Given that Pakistani women already live with an inferiority complex over their skin color, if you are endorsing using a beauty cream to have reached your height, it is very irresponsible.

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