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Ayeza Khan is among those celebrities who is loved for her grace and simplicity. She’s been flaunting her elegance ever since she stepped into the entertainment industry. Her fandom and popularity are sky-high with her last project titled Meray Paas Tu Ho.

Although Ayeza’s presence on television has been limited ever since she got married to Danish Taimoor in 2014, she’s still winning the hearts of her followers in many other ways. After her role asMehwish in MPTH, a negative character, she rose to new heights with the role she had played.

Not only this, but it was indeed refreshing for the viewers because of Ayeza’s negative character. Where many praised her efforts and acting, some didn’t approve of it. If you haven’t watched the drama, you really should.

Ayeza Khan, in real life, is very family-oriented. However, being the super mom that she is, she also loves to focus on her acting/modeling career. Her Instagram account proves how much she loves her work and family.

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Ayeza Khan Opens Up About Not Wearing Revealing Clothes

In a clip that’s going viral, Ayeza was invited to a morning show where she revealed how she dislikes wearing revealing clothes. During the interview, Nida Yasir said that she loves how Ayeza’s body language adds glamour to whatever she wears.

Then, Ayeza started off saying that she likes to look nice and presentable, upon which Nida Yasir noted that we’ve noticed you don’t want to wear revealing clothes. Ayeza Khan continued telling her that even before joining the entertainment industry, she used to dress modestly.

She further said that even when she’s offered a project or a shoot, she tells the brand that she won’t be wearing revealing outfits. She also says that she mostly gets a positive response from them in terms of her concern.

Here’s what the video clip

Earlier, Ayeza Khan been trolled over her looks, and people assumed she has got plastic surgery done. Well, people would say anything and everything. These trolls will be found online at all times, preying on people. The best we can do is pay no heed!

Let us know what you think of Ayeza Khan’s stance on not wearing revealing clothes in the comments below.

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