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Chupke Chupke is one of the most streamed and watched dramas on HUM TV currently since it began on 1st Ramadan. Have you also been obsessing over Ayeza Khan’s, a leading character in the drama, clothes? If yes, there is brilliant news in store for you.

Get Ayeza Khan’s Wardrobe

Ayeza Khan’s character in the drama is called Meenu. She inhabits an over-the-top, bubbly personality in the show and her clothes only reflect that. Her character is also loved a lot because of how confident and afraid-to-be-herself it is! Plus, who can overlook that romance with Osman Khalid Butt— opposites do attract indeed.

Think of short tunics with bright, printed shalwars or white kurtas with jeans or long bright kurtas! All of these outfit choices have spellbound people and they are obsessed with them. Moreover, being a fan of any celebrity, of course, you want their wardrobe. 

Hence, when a fan tweeted on Twitter to Ayeza Khan sharing her love for Meenu’s clothes, all the stars aligned.

Ayeza Khan Is Giving Back (A lot!)

Khan responded to that question with her characteristic gentle and loving style. She told her fans that she will soon be selling all her “Kurtis” her character wore. Most celebrities often do that after their show where they sell their wardrobe for the drama/show/movie.

This is often a PR gimmick because it not only raises publicity of the show itself by bringing all its fans together but also raises the status of the celebrity doing so. This is going to create an uproar on social media when Meenu’s clothes are going to find new forever homes. Are you going to be rushing to this sale when it goes live?

Chupke Chupke Drama Serial

Every Ramadan, HUM TV invests heavily in a drama that can keep their patrons hooked for Ramadan. After a long day of fasting and opening with delicious delicacies, you just need a good drama to binge-watch on.

Chupke Chupke is directed by Danish Nawaz and written by Saima Akram Chaudhry (also the writer of Suno Chanda). This drama has been filming for over a year now which is why people were more than excited about it. It is also being received well because it is not based on the usual tropes of a saas-bahu drama: it features a complexly linked family.

Its genre is mainly comedy while it explores many previously established stereotypes.

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