Ayeza Khan & Danish Taimoor
Image Source: Instagram

Pakistan’s most adored celebrity power couple is yet again, winning hearts! Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are making headlines for their latest adorable photoshoot. The duo recently shared their couple and family portraits with millions of fans on their respective Instagram accounts. The couple has been seen spending quite some quality time during the pandemic, and well, the fans are loving it!

A couple of weeks ago, Ayeza was recently seen having the time of her life on an island. She kept updating her fans on Instagram, leaving everyone in a state of curiosity despite the current on-going situation and how it has adversely affected millions of people worldwide.

However, it’s amazing to see people taking some time to focus on themselves to keep their sanity intact. Coming back to the power couple, Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are also famous for their breathtaking family photoshoots that are absolutely it and loved by their fans! Their recent photoshoot is going viral for all the right reasons!

Have a look at these adorable pictures!

Khan and Taimoor are a dream couple every Pakistani adores and loves. Not only because of their good looks but because of their sheer elegance. Moreover, the two have set a great example for parents as they’ve always been seen supporting each other’s career despite having two adorable little munchkins and taking care of them beautifully!

Trolling in the past

In the past, Ayeza Khan has been trolled on multiple occasions to tackle the situation impeccably with her humble nature. A few weeks ago, supermodel Amna Ilyas trolled Ayeza for endorsing a fairness cream where she posted a video of herself mocking Ayeza Khan and reenacting the whole TVC. Well, so much for being a ‘good sport.’

Not only Ayeza, but netizens have also trolled her daughter, Hoorain, by calling her ‘ugly,’ which was utterly disappointing. However, Ayeza Khan had handled the situation most beautifully, saying how God has created every individual, and we shouldn’t make fun of his creations. Way to go, Ayeza!

What are Ayeza & Danish up to?

The couple can be currently seen together as an on-screen couple in the drama serial Meharposh. This was the first time the real-life coupled played each other’s love interest on screen after the wedding.

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