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Minar e Pakistan incident has attracted quite a lot of hype. Could this incident have gotten the hype to help Pakistanis forget Noor Mukadam? Possibly. Some speculations state that a girl was sexually harassed at Minar e Pakistan, while others are saying Ayesha Akram planned it all.

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Minar E Pakistan Incident 

Regardless of what we believe, the truth of the matter is that a woman was used. A woman was considered by people, even if she was included in it, a prop. People groped her, touched her all over her body, tossed her around, and tore at her clothes.

Let’s approach both avenues; one saying that the victim is innocent and the other saying that the victim is guilty of staging it. More than 400 men took part in this. The victim who innocently went to a heritage site to celebrate Independence Day got the trauma of more than one lifetime. She will never be able to live the same way again. The more-than-400 men became worse than animals.

Even if we are to consider that she staged it, she would have hired only a few people. But a great many jumped on the bandwagon when they saw a girl being harassed. Not one tried to save her in that crowd. The victim said that her ordeal continued for almost three hours. And it was the police who came to her rescue.

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Speculations & allegations on the victim

Ever since the incident became viral, the victim-blaming and conspiracy theories have been going hand in hand. One such theory was that Iqrar-ul Hasan is to be blamed. Another theory was that the victim, Ayesha, staged it all. One other victim-blaming theory revolved around Ayesha (the TikToker) allegedly holding a fan meetup at Minar e Pakistan.

Parties accused in these theories have repeatedly rejected such claims. In an interview with a local channel, the victim was once again asked to address the allegations. There as well, she denied the speculation. She said that this was no fan meetup. She also said that she wasn’t ‘this famous’ to have a fan meetup anyway.

Ayesha lamented that she would never wish such fame on anyone.

She said, “People have made up so many things. I am already shaken.”

The advocate Hassaan had also hinted that the SP city was informed of the matter and he did not let Ayesha register FIR. In another development that makes one question life in the country is that after the incident, all 400 people were not captured and punished brutally, it was TikTok stars that got banned from all parks.

It is not the TikTokers who are to blame, it is the entitled mindset of the men who know they can get away with groping a woman in broad daylight no matter who instigated it.

But the men, or at least those men who come without families have not banned entry, rather, it was the TikTokers.

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