It has been reported by analysts that the sales of passenger cars have increased by 21.4% in the first five months of the fiscal year (July – November) period. The sales have been driven by an increase in demand for 1,000cc and other vehicles from the ride-sharing services.

Rai Omar Basharat, Topline Securities Analyst mentioned,

“The 5-month sales were higher than our expectation. We have revised our full-year sales estimate of 250,000 units from 236,000 units earlier which is a 17% increase year-on-year.”

Local Car Assemblers Increase in Sales

November 2017 saw local car assemblers sell a total of 21,091 units which was an increase of 18% from last years sales.

Basharat further added,

“The change in import procedure, as well as demand from online ride-sharing services, has contributed to the strong demand in an outgoing month.”

Numbers released by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) showed the auto sales reach 87,273 units whereas they were 71,877 last year during the same period.

A Category-Wise Breakup Shows:

  1. Cars with 1300cc or above engines –  7.62 percent increase and 40,435 cars of 1300cc units sold.

2. Suzuki Cultus and Suzuki Wagon R 1000cc category – 61% increase and total of 19,835 units sold.

3. 800 cc – 1000 cc cars – Suzuki Mehran and Bolan sales increased 23% to 27,453 units from 22,317 cars sold last year. Mehran sales were recorded at 3,958 units.

4. Buses and Trucks had a 19% increase in a sale of 3,850 units sold.

5. Farm tractors – A growth of 54% and 27,313 units sold whereas last year only 17,732 units were recorded.

6. Jeep – 5818 units sold a whopping increase from last year’s meager 187 units sold. The reason being Honda’s new BR-V which by itself has 4,410 units sold these 5 months.

7. Pick-up – 11,810 units against 9,427 units sold during the same period last year.

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