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Audi is one of the fastest advancing brands of today. They have quite a lot of potential within them to be the best ones. When you see an Audi being driven down the street, you can’t help but notice its presence. It is not only one of the best brands but one of the most premium ones too.

Additionally, the electric line of Audi is one to have a glance at. Where we used to think that Tesla was the only front-runner for EVs, Audi is now one too. They refer to their electric line as ‘E-tron’ and they have quite a lot of spectacular vehicles. They not only allow the company to expand their horizons but test out new fields too. Not everyone is about electricity and it is quite a great accomplishment to be in such an area.

Audi and new charging hubs
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Audi Charging Hubs

It seems that Audi is set to make some of its charging hubs in the world. It intends to start with Germany and with a total count of six. However, the construction of the hubs is not the only noteworthy thing here. Additionally, they intend to make these hubs with a  premium feel. Yes, they intend to give the hubs a lounge-type feel.

These charging hubs will have quite an immense amount of potential and capability. They are being referred to as super-chargers, with ranges of 300kW when it comes to charging. This means that the vehicle will go from 0 to 80% charge in less than 25 minutes! That is an impressive number. It not only guarantees premium quality but no compromise. After all, we are aware that Audi is not a brand that focuses on compromise, rather on the quality of it all.

The EV Lounge

Above the charging hubs themselves, there will be a lounge and a canteen present. This is to keep the drivers entertained while their car charges. Audi is being quite considerate with the need of their drivers. The hubs also feature solar panels on their roofs for additional battery power. Other than that, they intend to store energy from old EVs.

This shows that the charging station itself is not drawing a lot of power from the main grid. Rather, it is running on renewable energy, clean energy. The company also seems to be working on a bi-directional charging system. This means that cars will not only take energy and electricity from homes but store and give it away to the grid too. This is a huge step when it comes to saving energy and a clean future.

audi with lounge style hubs
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Audi Plans

We hope that Audi goes far in its plans for making such stations. It seems that the public would really love to use them, considering how convenient they are. Maybe we get to see their entry into Pakistan sometime in the future. Electric cars are making their way into the country, alongside charging stations. Audi may not be too far behind here.

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