Are you tired of the constant nagging you’re facing at home, school and family gatherings? Answering your phone and being bombarded with questions from your parents, asking who you’re speaking to?

We know as teenagers, we’ve been badgered with questions, investigated and continuous pestering from the elders in our lives, be it teachers, our beloved parents, mamu’s and phupho’s. However, even when you’d like to answer back with a smart reply, we’re sometimes out of clever comebacks and there’s nothing more disappointing than that!

Well, no need to worry anymore, the best ‘SOLUTION’ to all your nagging woes is finally here, the ‘WINGMAN’ has you covered during all your badgering miseries!

The Wait is Over Say Goodbye to All your Miseries and Give the best comebacks of your lives! #ApnaSceneOnKaro

Munch on Scene On and don’t let anyone take you for a ride!

National Food’s latest release, ‘Scene On’ is bound to be the gamechanger in the snacks industry. The latest campaign, #ApnaSceneOnKaro has its own rap anthem that is already breaking records.

The popular anthem has been sung by the uber-cool, master of Pakistani rap, Ali Gul Pir. The catchy rap lines and groovy dance moves have already become a major hit with millennials!

Ali Gul Pir is Here to Get Your Scene On!

The rap anthem talks about the daily struggles teenagers and millennials face, from the age-old dialogues parents make to the taunts they receive from teachers. Ali Gul then gives these teens the chance to break free from their boring mundane routines and change the game with either a ‘Krunch’ and a ‘Hoop’ from a packet of Scene On chips!

Watch Scene On’s rap anthem here and #ApnaSceneOnKaro

There’s been abuzz over the internet, and teenagers have shared their funny encounters in lives! 

Hilariously true!

Bring on the Competition! #ApnaSceneOnKaro!

Students take notes and revamp your lives

Haha, On Point!

Haven’t we all been there?

This tweet just won the day!

Scene On has various tangy and cheesy flavors, you can choose your pick from BBQ Drama, Cheezy Onion, Ketchup Bhaag, ChulBuli Imli, Achari Chakar.

Its time to gear up and Apna Scene On Karo!!