atmosphere gym women wing

Karachi’s renowned gymnasium ‘Atmosphere Fitness’ opened up its female wing today, a dedicated unit measuring 8000 Square feet. The gym had started creating a hype about something exclusive coming for its female audience via its social media assets, which was unveiled today within its community members and stirred up excitement among female gym enthusiasts.


Mustafa Shabbir Hussain, honorary director at Atmosphere Fitness, shared his views regarding the new wing. “We always had the vision to open a dedicated state of the art fitness facility for both genders so that the people working around the financial hub of the city can access a health center that has excellent locality and can offer a workout space while on the way to work or after it.” 


The gym hosts a wide range of cardio and strength equipment, now with dedicated wings for both the genders. The floor of the gym cumulatively measures an excess of 20,000 square feet. Team members from the gym claim it as the most extensive fitness venture in Karachi and possibly in Pakistan.

It was, therefore, necessary for the Atmosphere to become female inclusive, especially as that is a broad audience to cater to. “These are the times when women are realizing how important it is to look after themselves, and in the past few years, women around our city have actively adopted a better and a fitter lifestyle,” Mustafa added.


Atmosphere Fitness is a project of the ‘Dawoodi Bohra Community,’ housed inside the ‘Al-Nadi Al-Burhani Sports Academy,’ offering courses in outdoor sports including Horse Riding, Archery, and a cricket ground designed according to international standards.