Atif Aslam
Image Source: Tribune

One of the most loved and talented singers of Pakistan, Atif Aslam was invited to AB Talks. Hosted by Anas Bukhash, AB Talks started with the topic that is on almost everyone’s agenda, life amidst the pandemic.

Atif Aslam at AB Talks

And that built onto leading to the conversation at hand. Atif mentioned that because he was so busy with making something of himself, he did not really get time to spend with his family. This was made possible due to his stubbornness, which he speculates comes to him because he is the youngest. Being the youngest in the family and having a huge age gap with his siblings he never bonded with anyone, including his parents although that was because of the strict environment. So when he would feel that he did not feel like he was in the right headspace he would just disconnect from the whole world.

Atif and his childhood

He said: “As a child, I’ve never been expressive so in my household, we have never hugged or cuddled each other. I knew they loved me and I loved them back but to be affectionate towards them was out of the box, maybe because I was too scared of an aggressive reaction.”

He wanted to be a cricketer but his parents took it only as a hobby. Eventually, he felt he should give up on it.

Singing came later in life. It was at 23, that his brother introduced him to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, that he became closer to singing, and to God. But when he did start singing, he did in an empty house when he was shifting. And when sang the high notes, he got scared of his own voice!

Well, it seems that when you are to achieve greatness in life, your life experience put you on that trajectory.

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