Asim Azhar
Image Source: Express Tribune

Rarely do we come across celebrities who genuinely follow upon the “I’d do anything for my fans.” But Asim Azhar has proven to be one of them, and we’re beyond proud to have a star like him in our country.

Asim Azhar Reaches Out

Osama – @cameramayn – on twitter, tweeted in distress about his grandmother’s cancer treatment that was incredibly expensive to pay. He has since taken down the tweet because he supposedly wants to tell updates now. 

But then Asim Azhar tweeted in a consoling manner to the fan. Check out the tweet here:

Since then, Osama tweeted again that he has received the donation from Azhar, and he is beyond grateful. 

An Act In Self-lessness

Azhar then proceeded to tweet that he did not do this act to show anything off. After Osama tweeted the good news, people began to praise the star and congratulate Osama.

However, taking all that praise, Azhar tweeted that this only had to happen on Twitter as there was no other platform. However, he’s just doing anything he can in his power to give back to his beloved fans.

This is what the star tweeted:

 Twitter Reacts

People on twitter are beyond proud to be idolizing a star-like Azhar. Someone who doesn’t step back in the hour of need. Before this, there have seldom been cases like this, but we’re glad to know a trend is starting!

A Relationship Like No Other

The relationship between fans and their idols is unlike any other. Celebrities and icons are people their fans worship and devote their time. Many celebrities don’t respond with just as much love and respect too. However, then there are celebrities like Azhar who use their acquired money and fame for proper use.

Asim Azhar
Image Source: Newsbox

Helping a fan out in his hour of need shouldn’t be anything special. It must be normalized! 

Azhar recently came under a lot of backlashes when fans found out one of his songs was plagiarised. The star proceeded to clarify that and said the rights of the song had been attained legally. Following that, the entire “friendzone” story with Hania Amir blew up, and he became the butt of many jokes.

Yet, in all that, he remained calm and decent and did not resort to any name-calling. But, what we do love is the “twitter phupos” name he has given some people!

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