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Asim Azhar has finally decided to address the banter on the Internet currently. Recently Hania Amir, his alleged significant other, announced that she’s single! Once Asim was mentioned explicitly, she responded by saying they’re great friends. 

Netizens took this opportunity to go hard on the memes, treating Asim Azhar like a fallen soldier. Keep reading to find out how the star responded!

What Asim Azhar Said


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Asim Azhar’s latest post on Instagram is a testament to his huge fan following. In a heartfelt caption, he talks about starting really early on in his career and how tough the journey has been. However, the love of your loved ones can move mountains and it did for him! 

He continued to express that he focuses on his art primarily. What he produces in the name of music is the way he expresses himself. Having attached an attractive picture in neon lights, he also teased his fans with an upcoming single! Apparently that song is going to be addressing the topic. 


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Lastly, he also acknowledged the jokes that had infiltrated the social media platforms following Hania’ss comment. The star, very selflessly, added that what they share is beyond our comprehension. In other words, we can’t understand it at all which only makes us wonder – what can it be after all?! But for him, it is a bond of giving, support and friendship. 

Don’t blame us but meme-ers would definitely call this a posh way to say ‘friendzone hurts’.

How His Fans Responded

The outpouring of love under his post has also been surprising to see. People of Instagram are praising the singer for being so mature, kind and accepting. Even when Azhar was talking about meme-ifiication of his personal life, he gently asked the trollers to be careful of crossing lines unintentionally. That’s not how trollers are usually called out and we applaud him for being so nice!

Interestingly, the Google bar about Asim Azhar’s introduction was edited by a stroller who added “friend-zoned” in his bio.

The Tug-of-War Between The Public And Private

The private and public life’s separation has always proven to be an issue for celebrities. If someone gains fame for their talent, it is normally assumed that they now will not have any semblance of private life. Media is generally most hungry to know about who’s dating who and that is exactly where the two got caught up. 

asim azhar hania amir
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Asim Azhar’s replication of Bella Hadid and The Weekend’s moment as Victoria’s Secret Fashion show cemented rumours about their dating life. They have vacationed together, posted pictured with suggestive captions etc, etc. That’s not to say you can’t do those things as friends but we all know the situation was different.

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