If you thought your internet was safe on the web, well, its time to re-think about that!

Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) codes are a common practice used by many websites and companies to keep information safe so that no virus or malware can access confidential data.

However, an AI just proved even CAPTCHA cannot keep your data safe if it’s online! Scientists at Vicarious AI, a California-based start-up, have built a robot that cracks the CAPTCHA codes faster than anything built before. The AI can successfully mimic the human-eye making the codes vulnerable in front of it.

The AI, named RCN, collects information like the edge of texts and their representation to draw an overall picture. Co-founder Vicarious Dileep George has said;

“We can’t even get any machine to recognize all the forms of just the letter A yet. Computers have to deal with missing and uncertain information, clutter and noise.”

This is a huge achievement for technology, however, it is also a concern for the rest of us as if this AI technology is in possession of hackers then it can be used to extract sensitive information including bank account details and more.

Looks like Skynet is one step closer to taking over the web!