The popular YouTuber turned actor Arslan Naseer recently revealed a personal experience on social media that sparked discussions about nepotism in Pakistani culture. To the surprise of his fans, Arslan, who gained popularity for his accessible comedy and interesting material, has now leaped into acting.

A fan recently recommended on Instagram Stories that Arslan collaborates with the renowned and talented Ayeza Khan. Arslan Naseer acknowledged that they had in fact begun working on a project together. “We did start a project together,” he stated, “but then some actor’s son got my role and Ayeza eventually left it too.” This shocking discovery brings attention to the persistent problem of nepotism in this industry. Unfortunately, opportunities are frequently granted more because of connections. Rather than because of skill or talent.

Arslan Naseer Reveals Truth About Nepotism In The Industry

Discussions have been triggered by Arslan’s disclosure among both industry insiders and fans. Some fans of Arslan in particular were quick to support him. Praising his honesty and expressing optimism that he will be given the opportunity he deserves as a result of his hard work. However, the majority agreed that the action made sense since Arslan is not the most skilled actor in the industry. Most netizens expressed that perhaps if he were a credible candidate, so and so would not have happened. Many also agreed that this action may not have been a result of nepotism. But. just a matter of who was a better actor.

Here are some of the reactions:

arsalan naseer comment

One of Pakistan’s most well-known and gifted actresses, Ayeza Khan, has not yet responded to inquiries about the situation. But the fact that she left the project after Arslan was replaced raises the possibility that she wasn’t happy with the circumstances either.

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