Online gaming and e-gaming are now one of the most popular sports in Pakistan, with a vast majority of Pakistan’s population being youngsters, online gaming like PUBG and Free Fire have fanbases that have grown majorly over the years. However, most people do not know about the Pakistani gaming champion, Arslan Ash.

Arslan Siddique, more popularly known as Arslan Ash, is a world-famous player of Tekken, a fighting game produced by Bandai Namco Entertainment. He is from Pakistan. Arslan is known as one of the best Tekken players globally and is recognized for playing a significant role in raising the profile of the Pakistani Tekken community.

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Tekken (鉄拳), published and developed by Namco, is a fighting game that debuted in 1994 in arcade format and was later adapted to PlayStation in 1995. Critics responded positively to the game which served as the first installment of the well-known Tekken series. The sequel, Tekken 2, was subsequently launched in 1995. Tekken is popular because it is different from many other fighting games. It was the first game that had taken away focus from “special moves” to kicks and punches strung together in creative means in order to cause massive damage.

This year, the competition was held between March 31 and April 2 with over 5,000 attendees. The breakdown of prize money in each game is listed below:

• 1st: ¥1,000,000 (Est. $7529.90 USD)

• 2nd: ¥400,000 (Est. $3011.96 USD)

• 3rd: ¥200,000 (Est. $1505.98 USD)

• 4th: ¥120,000 (Est. $903.59 USD)

• 5th-6th: ¥80,000 (Est. $602.39 USD)

• 7th-8th: ¥60,000 (Est. $451.79 USD)

Arslan Ash, once again, won the Tekken 7 tournament title at the EVO Japan 2023. He played the character named Zafina and defeated KDF | Meo-IL played by a contestant called Geese. The score came to 3-0 after which Ash won the title at the tournament final on Friday. Here are the results of Tekken 7. Have a look.

Arslan (Zafina) also beat Varrel | Rangchu (Panda) with a score of 3-2 in the winner’s final. In the winners’ semi-final, Arslan (Zafina) won against KDF | Meo-IL (Geese) with a score of 2-1. Here are the full Tekken 7 results according to the positions.

1. FATE | Arslan Ash (Zafina, Kunimitsu)

2. KDF | Meo-IL (Geese)

3. Varrel | Rangchu (Julia, Panda)

4. Watanabe (Eliza)

5. Gken (Josie)

5. UYU | LowHigh (Shaheen, Steve)

7. Mulgold (Claudio, Fahkumram)

7. Saint (Jack-7)

Being the owner of three EVO champion titles in Tekken 7 is definitely not an easy task. Arslan even tweeted about hard it was for him to win the game and get the title for his nation but he still pulled through.

Here are some of the reactions Arslan got from Twitter users.

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