Armeena Rana Khan has been in the news for her heart-to-heart with the social media world where she highlighted the issue of ‘cyber bullying’. It now seems like the issue has escalated to the point that she’s receiving death threats over the internet.

It began when she put together a collage of insults and abuses received on posts uploaded by female celebrities and asked an important question,

“Why is it that Pakistani female actresses are subjected to this poison?”

She also spoke about the vicious cycle of women targeting women,

“Why is it that Pakistani females wish to attack Pakistani actresses in such a vicious manner?”

Have a Look at What the Yalghaar Actress Had to Say:

Hi guys and girls. I have a few q’s for you all. I am trying to understand the mentality of the Pakistani public. Above is the collage of the comments that I have received over the last few days. I want to ask, (1) Why is it that the Pakistani female actresses are subjected to this poison? Secondly, I also note that a lot of these are by females. Why is that? Why is it that Pakistani females wish to attack Pakistani actresses in such a vicious manner. What have we done to you except entertain and create an industry that will benefit the economy, culture and arts of Pakistan. How is that a crime? If you can do better please show us your work that will blow our efforts out of the water. Thirdly, please help me understand how can this internet “terrorism” be tackled? Guess what, I too have BAD days. I am a person with real feelings. I work hard. There is a big part of my life that involves running a business, being a daughter, a sister, an aunt as well as helping those who are less fortunate. Can you imagine, when you are having a particularly down day and you get to read this. I understand that I signed up for criticism when I became an actress but nowhere did I sign up for abuse. You are welcome to critique our work in a polite manner but I won’t allow you to question my religion, my morals OR my freedom to choose Now, On behalf of all my fellow actresses, though we don’t expect praises 100% of the time and welcome CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, we don’t deserve such disrespect or bullying. I’ve seen the same girls and boys go to other international celebs and kiss their backsides as if they are from another planet. Why the hypocrisy? Finally, I am not focussing only on the negative. I am fighting for what’s right. I urge you to think before you hit that “send” button. Thanks for your time. Armeena Khan

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Truer words have never been spoken. This verbal abuse in the form of cyberbullying has become quite a norm. People often lash out at female actresses, commenting on their outfits and looks. What is more, we have often come across bullies making personal vicious attacks on their character.

The torture does not end here, the diva is now reported to have received death threats after sharing her views on social media.

It is just a sad state of affairs and makes one wonder, don’t women have the rights to speak up for other women?

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