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Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering passwords because there’s a new kid on the block – passkeys! These nifty things are changing the way we log into our accounts, making it easier and safer.

The Problem with Passwords

For years, passwords have been like the internet’s bodyguard, but they’ve been pretty lousy at their job. But now, it seems like they’re on their way out, thanks to passkeys! Some big-name companies, like Amazon, PayPal, and Uber, are waving goodbye to passwords. They’ve started using passkeys, a better and safer way for people to sign in. Christiaan Brand from Google says passwords are tough to use and easy for sneaky folks to crack. But passkeys? They’re safer and don’t need as much effort from us.

Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft have been getting ready for this change for more than ten years. Now, it’s paying off! Jeremy Grant from Venable, a law firm, thinks 2024 will be huge for passkeys. He believes more companies and even government offices will start using passkeys once they see how well they work.

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According to Google, they’re four times better at letting us log in compared to passwords. Plus, lots of people in America – 57% – are interested in giving them a shot.

How Passkeys Work

At its core, passkeys rely on code stored on users’ personal devices that communicates with corresponding code on websites during the login process. They’re tiny bits of code stored on our gadgets. When we want to log in somewhere, this code talks to another code stored on the website. It’s like they’re having a secret conversation! First, you unlock your device, maybe using your fingerprint or face. Then, your device sends its secret code to the website. The website uses its own code to check if your passkey is the real deal.

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These passkeys are making our online lives simpler and safer. No more forgetting passwords or worrying about hackers sneaking into our accounts! They’re like a secret key that only we and our favorite websites know about.

So, get ready to say “see ya later” to passwords and “hello” to the future with passkeys! They’re making logging in a breeze, and it’s about time!

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