Are Man-Made Earthquakes Possible? Here's What You Need To Knowv
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Scientists have long known that humans may trigger earthquakes, particularly when we tamper with subterranean faults. The occurrence of human-induced earthquakes that happen during mining and the exploitation of natural resources like potash, coal, crude oil, or natural gas has at least been known to humanity for generations. So, yes man-made earthquakes are possible.

Asphalt road collapsed and cracks in the roadside

A few instances of induced seismicity brought on by deep geothermal projects and gas production have occurred in recent decades. The 6.5-magnitude earthquake that occurred at the Koyna Dam in western India was the greatest incident yet to be unmistakably identified as an artificial earthquake.

Kahramanmaras Earthquake 

In the southeast of Turkey, close to the Syrian border, a very large earthquake occurred. Seismometer data, which measures the amount of ground shaking brought on by earthquake waves, indicate that this event, which occurred early on February 6, registered a magnitude of 7.8 on the moment magnitude scale. Seismic waves were detected by sensors all throughout the world, even as far away as the UK. You can watch them ripple through Europe.

The shaking caused by energy traveling outwards from the source or epicenter has already had terrible consequences for people living nearby. Many buildings have collapsed, at least 2000 to 3000 are thought to have died across the two countries, and there are reports of damage to gas pipelines leading to fires. A second very large earthquake of 7.5 magnitudes also occurred in central Turkey around lunchtime. However, the question remains if these earthquakes are natural or manmade. Many people think that this earthquake may be man-made.

Why The Earthquake May Be Man Made?  

The Monday earthquake was caused by a phenomenon known as strike-slip faulting, in which two pieces of the earth’s crust passed each other horizontally over a fault line.

The earthquake was predicted by a Dutch seismology researcher Frank Hoogerbeets. Many people are curious as to how he predicted the disaster just three days before. Unfortunately, many people did not listen to him and now are facing dire consequences.

HARP Technology

Other videos also show “proof” that earthquakes may be manmade with the help of HARP technology. The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere. Here are tweets that people who support the HARP theory.

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