heaters in ac winters
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In the last few days, the temperature in Karachi has changed quite a lot. From warm nights, the atmosphere has morphed into colder days and chillier nights. People have started to use heaters in their homes late at night or early in the morning. During this time, many people get worried about the electricity bills. They prefer to not use dedicated heaters because they consume more electricity.

Instead, they use heaters that are built into the modern inverter ACs in their homes. The heater in an inverter AC works opposite to what the AC usually does and it starts to throw heat into the environment. It can certainly heat up a room well and fast, but is it actually energy-efficient? Let us check out the details.

acs in heaters and other features
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Heaters in Inverter ACs

Modern inverter ACs provide users with a lot more efficiency during operation. Older split ACs consume a lot more electricity over a shorter time, where inverter ACs consume the same electricity over a longer time. However, the heater functionality built inside these air conditioners can be quite useful in winters. In Karachi, the winters are not quite extreme, this this functionality works well here.

Additionally, due to inverter technology, using an inverter AC as a heater does not consume a lot of electricity. Instead, it lets the user run the system for a longer time without needing to turn it off. However, since the heater feature of the system is not its primary function, it cannot be used in colder areas.

heater systems in cold areas
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Knowing Which System to Use

If you are living in colder areas like Skardu or Hunza, then it would be preferred to use dedicated heater systems. In such an area, the heater functionality of an AC would not be of much use. That said, we encourage you to use AC heaters in Karachi since the cold is not as extreme. They are quite efficient, heat up the room fast and keep the room heated for longer times.

While the price of inverter ACs is certainly higher than regular split ACs, they provide a return of investment over a longer period of time. You will see your benefit after using the product for more than a few months, seeing the difference on the electricity bill.

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