Apple’s One More Thing Event 2020: Here’s What To Expect!

Apple'e one more thing event expectations
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Apple has already established grounds for it’s best releases so far. The hype began with the rumors of the new iPhone. It kept on going up and up as the days progressed. The release of the pandemic has not hindered Apple’s plans by too many degrees. The company held it’s an online-only event not too long ago.

They revealed the specifications of the iPhone 12 as well as the smartphone. The products were released, and the memes were done with. However, recent news suggests that Apple is not yet done with its year. Apple still has a trick up its sleeve. The company is hosting a ‘One More Thing’ event on November 10th! What will this event bring about? Is there more to Apple than meets the eye?

Apple's one more thing event
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Apple This Year:

iPhone 12 has had a fantastic response from the audience. It was widely appreciated because of its specifications. When it comes to the processor, the phone features an A14 bionic chip. This seems to be the latest bound in IOS technology. Apple released four variants of the iPhone 12 and even a new color. You have a comprehensive option on which variant to go for. For those classic iPhone lovers, the iPhone 12 mini is a suitable option as it resembles the iPhone 5.

Now, with this recent event airing soon, how can we watch it? Well, there are a handful of ways that that can be done. Firstly, if you have access to YouTube, you can watch it on their channel. Apple has not put any restrictions on the audience count. This is because the entire audience is virtual; there is no on-stage life. Secondly, you can stream it from Apple’s official website. Similarly, the event stream will be available from the Apple Event application on your Apple Tv.

Apple's event
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What to expect?

The primary focus of the event is expected around one thing. The name tells us that much, but what one thing? Apple’s team has never held an event that late in the ear before, so it all seems a mystery. The most expected release is the new MAC. The company is using the latest technology to develop their products.

They intended to release a new silicon processor, but the news was not confirmed before. The company is calling its new processors Apple Silicon. What gives the biggest hint is that Apple itself got these devices into focus. When the year began, they said that Apple Silicon powered processors will be available by the end of the year

It further explained that the entire Mac lineup would make the switch to Apple Silicon by 2022. So can this ‘One More Thing’ really be a new Mac release?

MacOS Apple's event
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Other Possibilities:

Some more potential products do come to mind. The Apple Macbook Air and Macbook Pro have been talked about for quite a while now. It as has also been reported that a 13-inch Macbook Air and 13/16-inch Macbook Pro might be seen. Additionally, Apple was working on AirPods studio. These are like the AirPods but are over-the-ear headphones. What if they are also released?

Finally, Apple talked about the new macOS version. It had been in Beta version since this summer so maybe now is when we finally see MacOS 11.0.1.

Whether it is any of these devices remains to be seen as the event nears. However, the Mac release is the most expected one out of them all.

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