WFH aka Work from home
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Apple’s latest video has some significant laugh-out-loud moments in store. You can not get through the 7 minutes without either saying, “that’s so me!” or laughing. The short film titled “The whole-working-from-home thing” is the second of its kind by Apple.

The tech giant released one last year, but that was “Apple to Work.” However, this recent ad is about incorporating the new normal in your stride and overcoming the struggles of working from home. 

What’s So Special About It?

Apple has never taken the back-seat in either creativity or popularity. This short film is so hilarious and relatable that it’s blown up everywhere.  The video features four colleagues working together on a project, each from a different background.

There’s the father with rowdy and chaotic children, a bachelor who doesn’t know what day it, a woman obsessed with yoga and the quintessential introvert.

Apple short film shot
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These four have to work on a project, and the film shows the struggles they deal with. The internet disconnects, a kid spills something; the family is too intrusive. Relatable yet?

What’s Apple Promoting?

Through the depiction of such day to day struggles, Apple steps in to save the day. In terms of the colleagues, the film shows that Apple is what they can efficiently work with despite the struggles. 

You can be anywhere and have your Airpods in to do the work. The light-weight MacBook can be put anywhere. Apple Watch can keep you alerted wherever you are doing whatever.  Features like iMessage, Facetime, and Pages are also being promoted for the working-from-home person.

Apple video shot
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The world may be on hold, but deadlines, group chats, projects, and assignments are not. With Apple’s products, you don’t have to miss a single collaboration.

Here’s the full video:

What’s The Goal?

As Apple explains it, the goal of the video is to show that Apple can help unleash the creativity and productivity of persons even working from home. Apple is posed as the one reliable constant they can depend on to excel even sitting from home.

Apple logo
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Since the video is becoming so popular, more and more people will be shown the practicality of Apple products. This might not yield a considerable boost in sales immediately; however, it can plant the seed in the minds of many. Perhaps a few weeks down the line, they’ll succumb to their desires too.

The Darker Meaning Behind It

If the film was a short, 60 seconds one maybe everyone would laugh over it and move on. However, having to watch it for 7 minutes entirely gives you time to ponder over it. It shows the unfortunate side of the corporate world. 

How the pressure of work remains the same despite a pandemic out there. It shows the struggles of those managing a full-time job with full-time parenting. Moreover, it shows class disparity too. Their wealthy boss is vacationing while they are going insane, working out ideas, and making their situations work.

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