Apple date leaked of iPhone 13
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As we are already aware, Apple has shown nothing but mind-numbing, good news all year. The release of a pandemic has not slowed down its approach towards the general audience. Now, with the vaccine on its way into the world, Apple continues to shock its audience and leave them wanting more.

From the iPhone 12 all the way up to Apple Silicon, the company has not stopped in achieving the impossible. It even has statistics lined up, showing how Apple computers are now in fierce competition with Microsoft. The iPhone 12 is becoming more and more common worldwide as people start to dive into the product. Apple really does have a solid grip on the technology industry and is doing wonders for Steve Job’s legacy. So, in light of this, did Apple’s iPhone 13 launch date leak?

Apple iPhone 13 leak
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iPhone 12 With The Flag

The iPhone 12 is one of the most impressive releases of the year and is riding on the high waves. Its camera array is impressive, as well as its working speed. People claim that it’s functioning much faster than any of the other iPhones they have used. It even has 4 variants in it, which means you have quite many options in terms of preference. Additionally, its camera is the stuff of legends. The only phones known to compete with it so far are the Pixel 5 and Samsung S20 Ultra!

Apple’s Lidar sensor is also proof of state-of-the-art technology being used in phones. Using augmented reality, the camera can perceive the depth of a place, an image. How is that not one of the most impressive features of the iPhone 12?

A Critical Date Leaked

Apple has recently been reported to have said quite a few things. The first and foremost was that iPhone 13 is said to have the A15 chip installed inside it. They further added that the production of iPhone 13 would return to the usual timeframe. This signifies that the phone is set to hit the market around September 2021.

This news is in contrast to the latest development on the coronavirus vaccine. Since the vaccine is soon circulated amongst the general population, Apple can proceed with its usual schedule. People are hopeful that the coronavirus threat will be quite subdued by the summer when the iPhone 13 mass production can occur.

Apple 13 leaked launch date
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2021 Starting With A Bang:

This piece of news shows how fast Apple is progressing. It has merely been a handful of months since iPhone 12, and they are already looking to release 13. The leak cannot be considered bad news because Apple intends to go even higher with iPhone 13.

We hope that the company continues to soar high as we enter into 2021. Even with Marvel and Disney having so many releases, it almost feels like 2021 may be overloaded with news and information! That being said, if you wish to own an iPhone 12, continue to do so because there is still time before the iPhone 13 launch event is revealed.

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