Apple Watch
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The tech giant, Apple, always comes with updates that leave you tongue-tied witnessing the level of innovation. Usually, you get to see these innovations in iPhone but this time it is the Apple Watch that is set to amaze you.

Apple and its patents

Alongside register the cheese grater design that the tech giant registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office, they have also gotten approved, a “Blow event detection and mode switching with an electronic device”. This is an update centric to the Apple watch.

What this update allows you to do is, blow on the watch. Through this gesture, you can control various functions such as answering a call or pausing a song. It will obviously be multiple combinations of blows so for instance blowing once does one thing, while blowing twice does a different thing.

Apple iPhone and a shortage
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Apple watch blow gesture and where you can use it?

You might think, however, for what purpose you would need to blow on the watch. So just imagine, you are carrying your child who is hungry and you are also trying to make the formula for him. In that madness, you get an important call. Wouldn’t you be extremely thankful for this update?

Or just imagine you are in a library and you need to input a function in your Apple Watch. Making voice input wouldn’t be ideal now, would it? So go with the blow!

Of course, this is all just speculation seeing that Apple has registered the patent for it. If it gets developed into the watch or not is something we will have to wait and see.

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