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Gone are the days when the smartphone manufacturers solely competed based on their phones. Many tech-enthusiasts and industry analysts claim that the smartphone industry has come to a stand-still. With the manufacturers releasing the phone every year, we hardly see any real innovation or ground-breaking invention being incorporated.

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What Are The Apple Glasses And What Will It Do?

As per rumors and numerous reports posted on the well-reputed blogs, Apple is working on an AR device and intends to expand its product portfolio. As per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, an augmented reality device, referring to the Apple Glasses, is expected to be launched in 2023. However, Ming Chi-Kuo, another well-known analyst, claims this device would be released in 2021.

Regardless of whenever it releases, the anticipation is real as we have not really seen a stronger implementation of augmented reality in the smartphone industry ever since it was released. A patent filed by Apple reveals that the glasses or spectacles would enable it for the wearer to see in the dark.

Jon Prosser, another well-known Apple news leaker, claims that there is a huge probability that the glasses are coming sooner than we expect them to release. He stated a release date in the third quarter or early fourth quarter of 2021, which makes it any day between March till June.

He also claims that he has seen those glasses and described them as sleek while claiming that he will soon show them to the world.

What Else Do We Know So Far?

Last year, several sources stated that Apple Glasses have passed the prototype stage and are going under trial-manufacturing, which marks a significant milestone for a company that focuses on innovation. The dominance of Apple over the technology world cannot be denied.

Earlier this year, the smartphone manufacturer decided to exclude its charging-plug from its box, prompting many reactions. The move was soon imitated by its competitors Xiaomi and Samsung, who have also imitated Apple’s move to remove the headphone jack from its smartphones in the past.

What Does Apple Say?

Although Apple is yet to announce or comment on the rumored gadget, we are all excited to see what the company has to reveal this year. It benefits the customer at the end of the day as the competition would force the competitors to innovate. This will give us more options and variety to choose from.

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