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Apple is reportedly set to revolutionize the user experience on its devices by integrating advanced artificial intelligence models into various components of iOS, including its built-in emoji library and Siri assistant. According to a Bloomberg report, these groundbreaking updates are expected to be announced at Apple’s WWDC 2024 developer event next month, marking a significant leap forward in AI integration for consumer technology.

One of the most anticipated features is the introduction of AI-generated emojis. Traditionally, Apple has expanded its emoji catalog annually with new additions. However, the upcoming AI tool will allow users to create custom emojis through natural language instructions. This means users can simply describe what they want, and the AI will generate a corresponding emoji. Although the specifics of which applications will support this feature remain unclear, it promises to add a new level of personalization and creativity to digital communication.

Apple may launch AI-powered emoji customisation with iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 - India Today
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Animated Emojis

Moreover, Apple is also exploring the potential to animate these AI-generated emojis. Earlier this year, Apple researchers unveiled a machine learning application called Keyframe, capable of animating static images based on user prompts. This technology could be integrated into the new emoji tool, allowing users to create animated emojis that respond to their instructions, adding another layer of dynamism to messaging.

In addition to the emoji enhancements, iOS 18 will reportedly offer more flexibility in customizing the home screen. Users will gain the ability to change the color of app icons and arrange them more freely, moving away from the current fixed grid layout. This improvement aligns with a broader trend of personalization, enabling users to tailor their devices to better reflect their individual preferences and styles.

Enhanced AI for Better Interaction

Siri, Apple’s AI assistant, is also set for significant upgrades. With the incorporation of internally developed large language models (LLMs), Siri will generate more natural-sounding responses and become more useful, particularly for Apple Watch users. This update comes as part of a broader industry trend, with Amazon also preparing similar enhancements for its Alexa assistant.

The AI enhancements in iOS 18 will leverage a combination of cloud-based and on-device processing. Apple plans to offload the most hardware-intensive tasks to cloud models while performing less demanding computations locally. This hybrid approach aims to optimize performance and responsiveness.

Open-Source AI Models

In line with these developments, Apple recently open-sourced a collection of small language models designed for devices with limited computing capacity. This initiative includes tools for adapting language models to run efficiently on iPhones, potentially underpinning some of the AI advancements in iOS 18.

Apple working on AI-generated emoji, news recaps and more: report
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Apple’s partnership with OpenAI, which is expected to be officially announced at WWDC, could further enhance these capabilities. Collaborations may include developing a chatbot service and new search tools for iOS, leveraging OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI technology to push the boundaries of what Apple’s ecosystem can offer.

These anticipated updates highlights Apple’s commitment to staying at the forefront of AI innovation, enhancing user experience through sophisticated and intuitive technology. As WWDC 2024 approaches, the tech world eagerly awaits the unveiling of these transformative features.

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