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Apple claims some of its products to be waterproof which means that were they to interact with water, they would remain operational. But as it turns out when you do bring it in contact with water, it stops working and Apple takes no responsibility for it. This is why the tech giant is facing a lawsuit.

Water-resistant – IP Rating

The higher the IP rating the more water-resistant a product is. And Apple takes pride in claiming its products to have higher IP ratings i.e. more water-resistant. iPhone 8, to be specific, claims to have an IP rating of 67. Hence, with this rating, the company claims that the user can take the iPhone to any water-infested area be it the water tank for the house, or a vacation at the beach. While encouraging users to take the iPhone to these places, if the iPhone was to malfunction due to water, Apple would not entertain it.

Apple iPhone and a shortage
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How would they know that the malfunction happened because of water? It’s simple. There is an indicator that becomes red on interaction with water. So when the customer takes it to the Apple outlet, they will point blank refuse to take it for warranty coverage after seeing the red indicator because the company does not compensate for water-related problems.

Lawsuit against Apple

An exasperated Antoinette Smith took this issue to court on the basis of Apple overstating iPhone’s water-resisting capabilities. The lawsuit mentions that IP rating is ‘insufficiently qualified by fine print disclaimers.’ This was after an incident with her iPhone 8. Her phone accidentally fell in the water. She took it to the nearby outlet for the company but they refused to accommodate her.

We don’t yet know who will emerge victorious in this lawsuit but it does go beyond logic. If the phone is really water-resistant as they claim, should they not cover the repair cost of it as well. And if they still do not want to cover the warranty for it, then should they not promote the phone to be water-resistant?

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