Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably have been bombarded with the news of the new iPhones that were launched yesterday at Apples Keynote. While the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, left people in awe.

There were some people that took to twitter to share their real feelings and we can’t help but ROFL.

Clearly, some shots were fired.

She’s definitely got a point!

WHY can we not have chargers that survive though? I don’t get it.

Tim Cook announces, “The new iPhone X is starting fromย $999.00 to $1,149.00” and people start calculating which body part they could potentially sell.


Turns out the X does not represent the numeric 10 after all.ย 

Some people obviously took a dig at Apple for just $1000.

So that’s what the homeless iPhone means.

Here are some substitutes which seem worthy of your hard earned money.

It’s all about PRIORITIES, my friend.

And they have really set their priorities straight.

It’s the only way we can afford it, to be honest.

The feature that is said to be revolutionary for the iPhone is FaceID, and people are taking in that news at their own pace in their own ways.

Okay, honestly? We saw this coming.

He is asking the right questions.

And how exactly do I protect my phone from my twin?!

We can smell the conspiracy in the air.

No one can love you this much. Not even your mother.

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