Apple iPhone to release a new flip phone
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With technology advancing as quickly as it is right now, everyone wants to take a dip in the latest inventions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re someone who is into making gaming PCs or you’re an Apple fan; everyone wants that dip. Nvidia is pushing forward with their new cards as well as acquiring newer deals.

Similarly, Samsung is releasing timelines and specifications for the Galaxy S21. In that same timeline, Apple is up to something. They have had a good year, even though the world got hit by a pandemic. The second wave is raging away right now, with newer cases every day. However, that does not seem to have hindered Apple’s ability to wow their audience!

Apple to release new phone
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Apple Taking Bounds

As 2020 ends, Apple’s era is taking yet another newer level. With every passing year, Apple seems to reveal products that keep their audience gripped. Everyone wants to go out and buy the latest Apple product. They are trendsetters, and they seem to be not holding back when making technological bounds.

Even today, we have news for you that is not something Apple has usually done before. Yes, Apple is at something new, but New to the world remains to be seen. Let us dive into the details of what exactly is it that the company wants us to know.

A New Design:

Apple has recently released info about a new product. In a new video, Popular Industry Insider, John Prosser, has revealed that Apple is testing. What is it testing exactly? They are testing a new foldable iPhone! That concept sounds familiar. Didn’t Samsung already release a flip phone some time back? He even indicates its time release. Currently, the phone is being tested for its hinges in manufacturing.

The expected release date is speculated to be September 2022, but it is not a concrete date. However, it does bring to light that Apple may just be following Samsung’s suite, just years later. Roles seem to have been reversed for this one. However, the company is still pondering over whether the phone will flip or fold.

Apple New flip iPhone
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Knocking It Out Of The Park:

How Apple intends to take this forward, alongside the iPhone 13 release, remains to be seen. Apple is known for making impressive announcements and high capability products. Whether it is the OS chip or the iPhone 12, Apple has impressed with all of these and is still doing so!

With a probable flip or foldable phone hitting the market, they will also have to show major upgrades in iPhone 13. We hope the leaks and release are a good combination that leaves the audience wanting more. After all, Steve Jobs did dream that he leaves behind an everlasting legacy. He was the pioneer behind the company, and he is one of the standing pillars of the throne on which the company resides. Even with the iCar news, Apple has shown that they are not limited to just technical products.

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