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Apple is currently one of the fastest rising brands on the market. Steve Jobs is considered one of the most influential personalities of all time. His life story shows how far determination can take a person. Whether you are an Apple fan or not you must have read about Steve Jobs at least once. The guy revolutionized how we look at modern technology, all the while improving designs and software for Apple products.

Apple is still considered as a brand which ships out only flagship products. In fact, they are so exclusive that their products don’t even have sales on them, not even on black Friday. So, there have been certain difficulties that have arisen with the pandemic release last year. One of them was having to wear a face mask constantly outdoors. However, Apple has made its iPhone face unlock easier.

Apple new feature for mask
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Apple Is Back

It has been quite a while since we have dived into news about Apple. It is true that every year, there are portions of time where Apple goes dormant. This is usually because they are working on something that might blow the public away. Last year, they kept hinting at something interesting and did not completely reveal it. Then, as the year was past the half-way point, we got to know all about the new iPhone, new Mac systems as well as other technological advances.

Yet again, Apple blew up and left its competitors in the dust. There is no doubt that their products have helped people with better accessibility and comfort over the course of usage. However, due to the face mask norm in 2020, people were unable to unlock their iPhones using facial ID. The mask, simply, was not detected. However, Apple has come up with a workaround for it.

The New Feature

The following feature can work only if you also have your Apple watch at hand. What happens is that, you unlock your watch and then hold the iPhone to your face. The phone will register the masked face and send a notification to the watch, allowing you to unlock the phone. While it may seem quite an innovative solution, it can be quite inconvenient for some users to always keep checking the watch.

It can even become a source of annoyance for them to continuously keep checking the watch every time they unlock their phone with a facial ID. This seems like quite an innovative and interesting feature that they have introduced. This shows that their development has not been slowed down by the pandemic. On the contrary, Apple is soaring quite high due to developments.

iPhone and Apple face unlock
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Bring Back One Thing

While this is innovative, it is reported that many people would also like apple to bring the fingerprint scanner back. It can be integrated into the new iPhone as part of the screen or even below it.

Nevertheless, we hope this feature only helps people and gives them easier access outdoors. 2021 is bringing quite a lot of surprises for us!

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