Apple is now creating its very own AI-powered chatbot that’s being playfully called “Apple GPT” by the engineers! According to sources, this chatty tech wonder is still in the experimental phase, and Apple hasn’t made up its mind about releasing it to the public just yet. So, what’s the chatbot all about? Well, it’s fueled by a powerful language model framework called “Ajax,” running on Google Cloud with the help of Google JAX, a framework designed to speed up machine learning research. Crazy, right? Apple is diving deep into this project with multiple teams, making sure to address any potential privacy concerns along the way.

Image Source: CWT 

AI Competition 

But wait, while big tech rivals like Meta, Microsoft, and Google have been busy releasing their own AI creations to businesses and the world, Apple has been keeping it low-key. They even banned their workers from using ChatGPT! However, behind the scenes, Apple’s engineers have been having a blast with their Ajax-powered chatbot, using it internally to experiment and refine their ideas.

You might know Apple for its popular AI assistant, Siri – the one who started the whole voice assistant trend. But let’s be real; Siri has faced some criticism over the years. To amp up their AI game, Apple brought in the talented John Giannandrea, who led AI and search at Google, to take charge of Siri and their machine learning teams. Together with Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, they’re leading the AI charge at Apple.

However, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, hinted at the company’s AI endeavors, saying they’re keeping a close eye on AI tech. But Cook also expressed that there are some tricky issues they need to figure out before going full throttle. While Apple’s AI plans are still a bit of a mystery, insiders reveal that they’re gearing up for a “significant AI-related announcement” next year. It looks like they’re aiming to blow us away with their AI magic!

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